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190518 Update Hong Kong Dividend Growth stocks

In this Update: Dividend announcement of the past week and a new challenger! Blog post that got attention: What is you would not sell a stock in your life anymore? Company of this week Averages HKDS updated May 18 Updated (190518) the 25 highest yield dividend growth stock on the Hong Kong index For Premium…
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190511 Update: HSBC, Hang Seng Bank, dividend announcement

In this Update: Dividend announcements of the past week Blog post that got attention: Why Warren Buffett loves dividend stocks Company of this week Averages HKDS updated May 11 Dividend announcements of the past week This week 3 main streamers got their interim dividends out, HSBC, stayed excactly where there were last year. Interim was…
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181012 Update- HKDS roundup

HKDS weekly roundup. This was a  exciting week . The market drop brings up a load of pearls. This week 6 new pearls appeared: 00046.HK COMPUTER & TECH 00047.HK HOP HING GRO 00237.HK SAFETY GODOW 00270.HK GUANGDONG INV 00636.HK KERRY LOG NET 01299.HK AIA Group Ltd. So far there are 25 Challengers, 13 Contenders and…
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180921 Update- HKDS weekly roundup

HKDS weekly roundup Happy to tell you, I’ve found 4 new stocks this week that are worth looking into. 00032.HK CROSS-HAR(HOLD) An interesting Contender. For 10 years no dividend decrease, and if it weren’t for a cut in 2007 it could have been a Champion! 00035.HK FE CONSORT I  Very good looking Challenger here. Well…
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