What are the Hong Kong Blue Chip Stocks
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What are the Hong Kong Blue Chip Stocks


Hong Kong Blue Chip Stocks

Here is the list of all constituents on the Hang Seng Index, we call Blue Chip Companies.

How many Blue chips are there?

As of December 2022 there are 81 Hong Kong Blue Chip Stocks.

What does it mean Blue Chip stock?

Here the definition as per Investopia.com:

A blue-chip stock is a huge company with an excellent reputation. These are typically large, well-established and financially sound companies that have operated for many years and that have dependable earnings, often paying dividends to investors. A blue-chip stock typically has a market capitalization in the billions, is generally the market leader or among the top three companies in its sector, and is more often than not a household name.

What do we look for in Blue Chip stocks?

We look for Value as a part of Value Investing strategy. Normally these well known companies tend to be over-priced for their shares. Their intrinsic value is not in alignment with the price in the market. That is normal.

Hong Kong Dividend Stocks monitors quality  stocks that appear to be trading for less than their intrinsic or book value (among other metrics). To minimize risk, the Hong Kong Blue Chips might be safe way to start building a Value creating portfolio.

Keep in mind, we do not look to dividends that eagerly as we do with the Dividend Growth companies. Of course some Blue Chips have an attractive dividend rewarding policy in place for their share holders.

That is why we created a list that holds all the stocks that are both Dividend Growth and Blue Chip.

What they do is increasing your principal investment while adding dividends to your income.

(the updated list can be found Champion Members area)

The name Blue Chip does not refer to high tech computer chips. Which would lead to thinking it is all about tech-stocks that are in the list. It is simpler.

Blue chips in casinos used to be the highest value chips. So, the listed companies holding the highest value and holding them selves to the highest values are called Blue Chips.

The list is not written in stone, over the years companies were added and de-listed. The list of Hong Kong blue chip stocks for November 2022 you will find below.

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1HKG:0001CKH HoldingsConglomerate
2HKG:0002CLP HoldingsElectricity Supply
3HKG:0003HK & China GasGas Supply
5HKG:0006Power assetsElectricity Supply
6HKG:0011Hang Seng BankBank
7HKG:0012Henderson LandProperty Development
8HKG:0016Sun Hung Kai PropertiesProperty Investment
9HKG:0017New World Development Property Development
10HKG:0027Galaxy Entertainmentgamble
11HKG:0066MTRPublic Transport
12HKG:0101Hang Lung PropertyProperty Investment
13HKG:0175Geely AutoAutomobiles & Components
14HKG:0241Ali HealthHealth
16HKG:0288WH GroupAgricultural, Poultry & Fishing production
17HKG:0291China Res BeerAlcoholic drinks & Tabacco
18HKG:0316Orient Overseas International LtdMarine & Harbour Services
19HKG:0322TingYiNon alcoholic beverages
20HKG:0386SinopecPetroleum & Gases
21HKG:0388HKEXOther Financials
22HKG:0669TechtronicFurniture & Household goods
23HKG:0688China OverseasProperty Development
24HKG:0700TencentE-Commerce & Internet Services
25HKG:0762China UnicomTelecom Services
26HKG:0823Link REITRealestate Investment Trust
27HKG:0836China Res PowerElectricity
28HKG:0857PetroChinaPetroleum & Gases
29HKG:0868XinYi GlassIndustrial Goods
30HKG:0881Zhongsheng Group Holdings Ltd.Automobile Retailing
31HKG:0883CNOOCPetroleum & Gases
32HKG:0939China Construction BankBank
33HKG:0941China MobileTelecom Services
34HKG:0960LongFor GroupProperty Development
35HKG:0968XinYi SolarEnvironmental Energy Material
37HKG:0992LenovoIT Hardware
38HKG:1038CKI HoldingsConglomerate
39HKG:1044HenganCosmetics & Personal Care
40HKG:1093CSPC PharmaMedicine
41HKG:1088China ShenhuaCoal
43HKG:1109China ResourcesProperty Development
44HKG:1113CH AssetsProperty Investment
45HKG:1177Sino BiopharmMedicine
46HKG:1209China Res MixcProperty Service $ management
47HKG:1211BYD CompanyAutomobiles & Components
49HKG:1378China HongQiaoNonferrous Metal
51HKG:1810XiaoMiIT Hardware
52HKG:1876Budweiser APACAlcoholic Drinks & Tobacco
54HKG:1929Chow Tai FookWatch & Jewellery
55HKG:1997Wharf REICProperty Investment
56HKG:2015Li AutoAutomobiles
57HKG:2020Anta SportsTextile & Apparels
58HKG:2269WuXi BiologicsBiotechnology
59HKG:2313ShenZhou InternationalApparel
60HKG:2318PING ANInsurance
61HKG:2319MengNiu DairyDairy Products
62HKG:2331Li NingApparel
63HKG:2359Wuxi AppTechBiotechnology
64HKG:2382Sunny OpticalIndustrial Goods
65HKG:2388Bank of China HKBank
66HKG:2628China LifeInsurance
67HKG:2688Enn EnergyGas Supply
68HKG:2899Zijin MiningGold & Precious Metals
69HKG:3690MeituanE-Commerce & Internet Services
70HKG:3692Hansoh PharmaMedicine
71HKG:3968China Merchants BankBank
72HKG:3988Bank of ChinaBank
73HKG:6098CG ServicesProperty Management & Agency
74HKG:6618JD HealthPharmaceuticals
75HKG:6690Haier SmartHomeHome Appliances
76HKG:6862HaiDiLaoRestaurants & Fast Food Shops
77HKG:9618JD-SE-Commerce & Internet Services
78HKG:9633NongFu SpringSoft Drinks
79HKG:9888BiduE-Commerce & Internet Services
80HKG:9961C-Triptravel & Tourism
81HKG:9988AlibabaE-Commerce & Internet Services
82HKG:9999NTES-SE-Commerce & Internet Services

In the Champion membership area we look at the price of these stocks against their value. Most Blue Chip stocks are overvalued because they seem to be a safe way to invest. The stock Screener checks how their Value and Price are related and if there are windows of opportunity. For spotting a good bargain we check over 10 metrics at any given moment.

Since the Evergrande Crisis, a special report on liabilities as added too.

More about the Champion Membership you can read here.




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