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How to generate compounding income from high quality Dividend Growth Stocks?
What are the
Hong Kong listed companies that keep on raising their dividends for over 5 years







What is Dividend Growth investing?

Creating compounding (passive) income from shares of quality companies that pay you consistently more dividend

One  simple principle:

Four reasons why dividend growth investing is different

Companies that hold a high yield, might not give you those dividends next year.

The Directory provides you with companies that hold up to their dividend growth for  5 years or more.
Did you know the average yield of these companies is over 5%?

1-Create passive income

Dividend Growth Investing (DGI) is a buy and hold strategy. No need to eagerly watch the ticker on Bloomberg So buy, sit back, collect you income. Rinse and repeat.  learn more

2-Invincible of the market turmoil

Your income (dividend) is related to the results of the company, not to the bulls or the bears of the market. So buy, sit back, collect you income. Rinse and repeat.  learn more

3-Dividend compounding

Learn the art and magic of dividend compounding. See what $1.00 and 10% yearly growth bring you in 10 years  learn more

4- Double growth

Most Dividend Growth companies are mature and stable. This often translates in a steady growth of their stock value. Your investment as well as your dividend income can grow together. That is compounding!  learn more
All Hong Kong Dividend Growth Stocks are listed in The Directory

How to select the best Dividend Growth Stocks?

Mission: order out of chaos

TheDirectory of all Hong Kong Dividend Growth stocks holds over 25 different metrics for each company.
Great, but this can be overwhelming too.
So we introduced the automated stock screener.
 By selecting and filtering your preferences you can easily pick preferred stocks  for further investigation.

There are 3 important elements

Dividend Growth

On a scale of 1-100
How certain can you expext dividends to rise?


Savety vs Risk

On a scale of 1-100
How certain is it that there will be a rise in dividends?



On a scale of 1-100
How overvalued or undervalued is this stock now?



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