Hong kong dividend growth stocks

Dividend Champions, Contenders and Challengers of the Hang Seng index
Hong Kong listed companies that keep on raising their dividends for 5 years or more!

What is Dividend Growth investing?

Companies that give you more dividend year after year.

Looking for passive income ideas? Good that you are here.
Some Dividend Growth Investors might overlook the opportunities that lay hidden in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

HKDS researched over 8000 listings and proudly presents to you:
Hong Kong listed companies that keep on raising their dividends for 5 years or more!

Why dividend growth investing is different

Companies that hold a high yield, might not give you those dividends next year. The Directory provides you with companies that hold up to their dividend growth for  5 years or more.

Create passive income

Dividend Growth Investing (DGI) is a buy and hold strategy. No need to eagerly watch the ticker on Bloomberg So buy, sit back, collect you income. Rinse and repeat.  learn more

Invincible of the market turmoil

Your income (dividend) is related to the results of the company, not to the bulls or the bears of the market. So buy, sit back, collect you income. Rinse and repeat.  learn more

Dividend compounding

Learn the art and magic of dividend compounding. See what $1.00 and 10% yearly growth bring you in 10 years  learn more

Double growth

Most Dividend Growth companies are mature and stable. This often translates in a steady growth of their stock value. Your investment as well as your dividend income can grow together.  learn more

Dividend Announcements

Latest dividend announcements from the Hong Kong stock exchange.

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25 Companies  5% + yield

The Dividend Growth Companies that yield over 5% are numerous. A updated list every 2 weeks, of  25 Hong Kong listed companies with the highest yield.
Find it here.

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Dogs of the Hang Seng

Like the famous Dow of the Dow. Comparing blue chip and dividend growth stocks with the HSI on value and growth.

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What are Dividend Contenders? A quick FAQ page to get you on your way.

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Nothing speaks better to an idea than seeing other people succeed on their journey.

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over 8000


manually checked


dividend growth companies

67 stocks

yielding over 5%

Cats & Dogs: a project

2 portfolios a hypotheical journey  combined together

On HKDS the focus is on Dividend Gowth. The Dogs and Cats of the Hang Seng is a project that follows 20 companies, their dividends and their stock value. The theory is that companies that keep raising their dividends, their stock prices will rise too. Which is double good news for Dividend Growth investors.

The Dogs of 2020

In honor of the famous Dogs of the Dow. Out of 50 blue chip companies, the Constituents.  The top 10 that generate the highest yield as on January 1, 2020.

The Dogs of 2020
The Cats of 2020

The Cats of the Hang Seng 2020 are the 10 Dividend Growth stocks (companies that give higher dividends for 5 years or longer) with the highest yield,  as on January 1, 2020.

Show me the Cats

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25 Dividend growth stocks with the highest yield!


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