Dividend Growth insights from the HONG KONG STOCK EXCHANGE

Want to know who are  the Champions, Contenders  and the Challengers  of the HSI (Hang Seng Index)?

No time like the present. See what the top 25 high yield growth stocks are:

What is dividend investing?

Start here if you’re new to dividend investing. A great line up of sources, books and blogs that help you grow your knowledge easy and fast


Succes examples from all over the world

Read the stories of people just like you and me, who made 2 decisions, to save money and to invest long term in dividend paying stocks.


About Hong Kong Dividend Stocks?

If you are looking to diversify your portfolio, there are some great dividend stocks to be found in the Hong Kong ( Hang Seng) stock exchange.


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Hong Kong Dividend growth stock checker

type the ticker like 1127.HK

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dividend growth companies

36 stocks

 yielding over 5%

Only dividend growth stocks listed on the HSI (Hang Seng Index)

Having the highest yield is not the only metric here. All stocks in the directory have proven track record of dividend increases and zero decreases .

At least 5 years of consecutive dividend increase

A dividend can stabalize, never decrease in order to be a dividend growth stock. 5-9 years Challenger | 10-24 years Contender, | 25 years + Champion

Special dividends are not taken into calculation

They are icing on a cake, an extra gift. You can not build any solid strategy based on special dividends. Can you?

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25 Dividend growth stocks with the highest yield!


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