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How many times did you find yourself down the rabit hole, looking at stats and figures, comparing yield and growth with price and value?
While headache and doubts kreeping in.

Understandably, because the first rule of money is not to lose money.

That is why the Champion Membership comes with a build in Stock screener. Simple & Easy, in a split second you see which companies have:

1 Dividend growth

The aim is high yield and high yield that comes with high growth of yearly dividends is even better. So, aim for the best.

2 Risk of no Dividend Growth

Here you look at the risk of the increase of dividends not happening. For Dividend Growth Investing there is nothing worse than hoping to get a pay raise and not getting that.

3 Value of the stock

Is the price overvalued or favorably undervalued? Good investments come for a price. Dividend growth investing is data driven. Sentiments of the market can be an advantage in building a portfolio with highers yields than average for those who are aiming for good price, high yield, high value, long term vision.

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What is Dividend Growth investing?

Creating compounding (passive) income from shares of quality companies that pay you more dividend year after year


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Hong Kong Dividend Growth and Blue Chip companies

Top 10 high yield stocks at this moment

Top 10 Highest Yield Stocks

Updated weekly. Hong Kong Dividend Growth stocks that pay the highest yield.

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Blue CHip companies and their stocks

Hong Kong Blue Chip Stocks

Hong Kong Finest 50 companies, get to know them

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Ex Dividend Dates. Going short

Ex Dividend Dates

See the upcoming Ex dividend dates for Blue Chips and Dividend Growth stocks

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Why dividend  investing is a double win strategy

Companies that hold a high yield, might not give you those dividends next year. 

On the other hand, companies that increase their dividends year on year tend to have a strategy on rewarding long term investors. They tend to be the companies that have their ship in order and are equipped of enduring stormy economical times. As we see right now in the pandemic. Their stock value appears less volatile.
Did you know the average yield of these companies is 5%?

1-Create passive income

Dividend Growth Investing (DGI) is a buy and hold strategy. No need to eagerly watch the ticker on Bloomberg So buy, sit back, collect you income. Rinse and repeat.  learn more

2-Invincible of the market turmoil

Your income (dividend) is related to the results of the company, not to the bulls or the bears of the market. So buy, sit back, collect you income. Rinse and repeat.  learn more

3-Dividend compounding

Learn the art and magic of dividend compounding. See what $1.00 and 10% yearly growth bring you in 10 years  learn more

4- Double growth

Most Dividend Growth companies are mature and stable. This often translates in a steady growth of their stock value. Your investment as well as your dividend income can grow together. That is compounding!  learn more

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The double win of dividend stocks

Dividend stocks can provide you a predictable income as well as long-term asset growth potential. That said, not all dividend stocks are great investments, and many investors aren’t sure how to start their search. With that in mind, HKDS has the list of dividend-paying stocks in Hong Kong you might want to consider.

All Hong Kong Dividend Growth Stocks are listed in The Directory

How to select the best Dividend Growth Stocks?

Mission: order out of chaos

The Directory of all Hong Kong Dividend Growth stocks holds over 25 different metrics for each company.

Great, but this can be overwhelming too. So to simplify

All companies in the Directory must have a 5 year streak (or more) of raising dividends

These companies form the Directory. A living document that get updated every week.

For you to find the best opportunities there are



On a scale of 1-100

Can you expect dividend income  to increase? If the yield is low, and growth is high, what does that mean over 5 years?


On a scale of 1-100

How certain is it that there will be a rise in dividends? Or that there will be pay outs in the future?


On a scale of 1-100

How overvalued or undervalued is this stock now? If I buy now, do I pay too much?

It will save you precious time and effort.

(Chances are you will also save money, by making smarter decisions)

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