Top 5 Blue Chip companies that yield +8%
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Top 5 Blue Chip companies that yield +8%


What do you see? Out of all  HK blue Chip companies,  the top 5 that yield 8% or more.

Investing in Blue Chip stocks can be a good strategy in which rising value of the stock of choice is the main factor of adding it to your portfolio. Think about CocaCola, Starbucks, Apple. Those are names everybody knows and they are the leader in their industry.

Of course on the Hong Kong stock market we have our own Blue Chips. Companies that are household names on this part of the world and beyond. Tencent, Lenovo, and Alibaba, to name  a few companies. There are 65 companies that hold that Blue Chip Badge.

Not all Hong Kong Constituents are  dividend payers. 17 Do not pay dividends to their shareholders.

And there are some that give a good yield for every stock you hold, but not consistently. In this post we look at the top 5  Blue Chip companies that yield  8% or more.

Although the main focus is on adding value to your Blue Chip portfolio, a bit in cash flow never hurts, right?

Here are the  5 Blue Chip companies that yield +8%

#1 Sinopec HKG: 0386  Oil and gas supply.

  • Yield: 15%
  • Price: HK$ 3.60
  • P/E: 5
  • P/B ratio: 0.47


#2 Country Garden HKG:2007 Property Development

  • Yield: 8%
  • Price: HK$ 4.40
  • P/E: 3
  • P/B ratio: 0.42


#3 Bank of China HKG: 3988  Bank

  • Yield: 8%
  • Price: HK$ 3.08
  • P/E: 3.6
  • P/B ratio: 0.33

This is also a Dividend Growth company.


#4 China Mobile HKG:0941 Telecom

  • Yield: 8%
  • Price: HK$ 49.70
  • P/E: 7
  • P/B ratio: 0.70

This is also a Dividend Growth company.


#5 Bank of Communications HKG3328 Bank

  • Yield 8%
  • Price: HK$ 5.22
  • P/E: 3.8
  • P/B ratio: 0.38

This is also a Dividend Growth company.

Champion Members, in your members area there is a file No 4 that shows you all Blue Chip stocks that also have the Dividend growth policy in place. The Double Dippers. This is where Dividend investors and Value investors both get happy!



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