Interim Results Hong Kong Blue Chip Stocks

Interim Results Hong Kong Blue Chip Stocks

A summary on the Interim Results Hong Kong Blue Chip Stocks 2022.

A short introduction:

At this moment there are 66 Blue Chip companies, also called constituents. A blue chip stock represents a big, mostly well-known company with a high standards. These are mostly well-established and financially sound companies that have operated for many years and that have foreseeable earnings.

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  • price this week
  • compared to price January 1, 2022
  • PE and
  • EPS metrics

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Please take notice, this are numbers and therefore data only. By no means is this any investment-, legal- or medical advice.

To draw conclusions of this post , is up to you, dear educated reader.


Most interim result are with ending period of June 30 2022

There are 6 companies that have an altered calendar of their books. Of these enterprises there are no interim announcements yet.

That leaves us with  60 companies. Of which

  • 27 reported growth in their EPS compared to interim results last year.
  • 7 came with negative net profit.
  • HKG:3690MeituanE-Commerce & Internet Services
    HKG:0002CLP HoldingsElectricity Supply
    HKG:1997Wharf REICProperty Investment
    HKG:0027Galaxy Entertainmentgamble
    HKG:6862HaiDiLaoRestaurants & Fast Food Shops

It might not come as a surprise that the Gamble industry still has a hard time.


  • 36 Blue Chip companies announced interim dividends. And oh my, we love dividends.
HKG:0388HKEXOther Financials
HKG:0941China MobileTelecom Services
HKG:2318PING ANInsurance
HKG:2313ShenZhou InternationalApparel
HKG:0669TechtronicFurniture & Household goods
HKG:0001CKH HoldingsConglomerate
HKG:1044HenganCosmetics & Personal Care
HKG:0006Power assetsElectricity Supply
HKG:0011Hang Seng BankBank
HKG:1038CKI HoldingsConglomerate
HKG:1997Wharf REICProperty Investment
HKG:0883CNOOCPetroleum & Gases
HKG:2688Enn EnergyGas Supply
HKG:0002CLP HoldingsElectricity Supply
HKG:2020Anta SportsTextile & Apparels
HKG:9999NTES-SE-Commerce & Internet Services
HKG:0012Henderson LandProperty Development
HKG:2388Bank of China HKBank
HKG:1113CH AssetsProperty Investment
HKG:0066MTRPublic Transport
HKG:1378China HongQiaoNonferrous Metal
HKG:0688China OverseasProperty Development
HKG:0960LongFor GroupProperty Development
HKG:0291China Res BeerAlcoholic drinks & Tabacco
HKG:0857PetroChinaPetroleum & Gases
HKG:1109China ResourcesProperty Development
HKG:0762China UnicomTelecom Services
HKG:0386SinopecPetroleum & Gases
HKG:0101Hang Lung PropertyProperty Investment
HKG:0003HK & China GasGas Supply
HKG:0968XinYi SolarEnvironmental Energy Material
HKG:1093CSPC PharmaMedicine
HKG:1177Sino BiopharmMedicine
HKG:0288WH GroupAgricultural, Poultry & Fishing production
  • 20 of these dividend paying enterprises even announced an increase in payments to their share holders. Whooohoooo
  • 7 told their audience there is a decrease in interim dividends. Biggest surprise here is HKG:0388 HKEx. This is also a Dividend Growth Challenger (streak of at least 5 years of dividend raises). Depending on the dividends of the end of the year results, we might have to take them off the list of all Dividend Growth stocks.


Here are the top 3 that lost the most in price (comparison of price at January 1, to June 30, 2022):

TickerCompanySectorCompared to January 1:
HKG:6098CG ServicesProperty Management & Agency-65.38%
HKG:2007Country GardenProperty Development-65.17%
HKG:2382Sunny OpticalIndustrial Goods-60.30%


Then the 3 companies that saw their stock prices rise the most in the first 6 months of 2022

TickerCompanySectorCompared to January 1:
HKG:0883CNOOCPetroleum & Gases27.02%
HKG:0688China OverseasProperty Development21.89%
HKG:0288WH GroupAgricultural, Poultry & Fishing production9.41%
  • Average difference in stock price (Jan 1 – June 1) of all Hong Kong Blue Chips is -16%.
  • Average yield is 4%.


And lastly, one more interesting metric: EPS growth % over 12 months. (July 1 2021- June 30, 2022)

TickerCompanySectorEPS Growth %
HKG:1211BYD CompanyAutomobiles & Components194.49
HKG:0883CNOOCPetroleum & Gases103.83
HKG:0066MTRPublic Transport76.74
HKG:1113CH AssetsProperty Investment57.78
HKG:0857PetroChinaPetroleum & Gases51.10
HKG:1038CKI HoldingsConglomerate45.83


And that is it, a short summary of the 2022 Interim Results Hong Kong Blue Chip Stocks.

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