Upcoming Ex-Dividend dates in Hong Kong

Upcoming Ex-Dividend dates in Hong Kong

Upcoming Ex-Dividend dates in Hong Kong for Dividend Growth stocks.

The following Dividend Growth Companies and Blue Chip Companies have an Ex-Date coming up:
Yield is calculated with total dividends of the latest book-year.

Tickers Name Ex date Latest Div Announced
HKG:1109 China Resources Land 9-Jun-23 RMB 1.219
HKG:2666 Uni Medical 9-Jun-23 HK$ 0.34
HKG:3360 FE Horizon  12-Jun-23 HK$ 0.49
HKG:0173 K. WAH INT’L 14-Jun-23 HK$ 0.14
HKG:0034 Kowloon Development Co. Ltd. 15-Jun-23 HK$ 0.57
HKG:0823 LINK REIT 15-Jun-23 HK$ 1.188
HKG:1099 SINOPHARM 19-Jun-23 RMB 0.75
HKG:0142 First Pacific Co. Ltd. 20-Jun-23 HK$ 0.115
HKG:1177 Sino Biopharm 20-Jun-23 HK$ 0.06
HKG:1088 China Shenhua 21-Jun-23 RMB 2.54
HKG:0881 Zhongsheng Group Holdings Ltd. 23-Jun-23 HK$ 1.09
HKG:0987 China Renewable Energy Investment Ltd. 23-Jun-23 HK$ 0.005
HKG:2669 China Overseas Property Holdings Ltd. 23-Jun-23 HK$0.08
HKG:0222 Min Xin Holding 26-Jun-23 HK$0.12
HKG:0267 Citic LTD 26-Jun-23 HK$ 0.451
HKG:0270 GUANGDONG INV 27-Jun-23 HK$ 0.4262
HKG:0688 China Overseas Land & Investment Ltd. 30-Jun-23 HK$ 0.40
HKG:0939 China Construction Bank Corporation 6-Jul-23 RMB 0.389
HKG:3988 Bank of China 6-Jul-23 RMB 0.22
HKG:0960 LONGFOR PPT 7-Jul-23 RMB 0.80
HKG:0992 Lenovo Group Ltd. 26-Jul-23 HK$ 0.30

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