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If building a portfolio that brings $$$ and growth in your net worth is your dream of reaching financial freedom, there are a few things you need to know that nobody tells you:
[dramatic pause here]
1- it takes time, discipline and carefull evaluation. Remember Rome was not build in 1 day. (It was  not destructed in one day either)

2- your friends might laugh at you, as you are not making those fast gains they make (You also don’t lose as fast as they will. And if you do, you have created a dividend safety net because you came in prepared)

3- In light of your continued results, your friends might hate you for still earning an income despite their economical thunderstorms.

Get to what is important fast

Save time

Out of 8000 listings on the Hong Kong Index , finding all Dividend Growth stocks a daunting task. With The Directory you have them all  in one place AND you can evaluate all of them quickly on Growth | Risk | Value

seize opportunities

Average yield of 5%

With an average yield of 5% and average P/E ratio of 8.9 Hong Kong Dividend Growth Companies can be of great value to reach your financial goals.

What will

The Champion Membership

get you?

Learn indept what the Hong Kong stockmarket has to offer for Dividend Growth Investors world wide. Finding the right companies and easy to use research tools to get you the best possible information on building an income generating portfolio for you or your clients.

1- The Directory

The Directory holds all the Hong Kong listed Companies that have not lowered their dividend payouts for 5 years or more!

This is an unique list and it will save you your precious time in finding stocks that are suitable for Dividend Growth investing.
The Directory holds over 25 metric so you can filter by yourself  your suitable outcomes.

  All Dividend Challengers, Contenders and Champions to pick fromWeekly updated

2- Fast Stock Screener

See in one glance which opportunities lay ahead every week.

Save time in discovering & researching. there is a lot of company information provided, but to make a first shift, the Fast Stock Screener helps you sort things  out

The Stock Sceener works on Growth | Risk | Value

3- Dividend Reports

Dividend trend report of each company in .pdf It answers important questions like:

What where previous payments, special dividends and how did the company hold up in the last market crisis?

Simple & Clear

4- Full website access

Remember careful evaluation? Per company a clear view of 25 Dividend Growth metrics and deeper insights. One click in The Directory and see per company the numbers and ratio’s.

It is an active Directory

Companies that cut their annual dividends are moved off The Directory. While all eyes are open to new opportunities to spot and add new Dividend Challengers that have a 5 year dividend growth streak.

Dividend Growth Investing is not for people who

are looking for a way to get rich fast

it takes patience, consistency and due diligence to build the portfolio that generates more and more income by compounding dividends and increasing asset value

prefer nerve racking (day)trading

The general idea is to discover, investigate, buy & hold stocks to collect dividends, without losing any sleep when the markets tumble and everybody’s acting like their hair is on fire.

New for everybody who is a HKDS Champion Member
on January 1, 2021

2021 will be the year we are stepping it up on Hong Kong Dividend Stocks.
Of course The Directory of dividend growth stocks will continue to be updated as do the other features mentioned here

Membership Features

More attention to Blue Chip stocks and portfolio’s you can build.
What you will get extra:

Blue Chip Value insights

Looking for unique opportunities within the Hong Kong Blue Chip Stocks? Look no more.
Together with The Directory of all Dividend Growth Stocks, the Blue Chip Value report will be at your disposal, to seize opportunities of value

Portfolio analysis A: The Average Dividend Growth Company

A single made up company that represents the average Dividend Growth stock on the Hong Kong Exchange. It functions as a unique benchmark for building your own Dividend Growth portfolio in 2021.

Portfolio analysis B: Blue Chip Dividend Growth Stocks.

Which stocks keep paying you more dividend year after year AND are also considered high quality market leaders in their sectors?
This is where The Directory and The Blue Chips of Hong Kong overlap. In theory this must be the unbreakable portfolio.
Where value investing and Dividend Growth investing make a pair.
You get twice a month an update on this portfolio to make decisions easier.

Portfolio analysis C: The Cats of the Hang Seng

For the Cats of the Hang Seng we follow the 10 Dividend Growth stocks from The Directory with the highest yield on January 1, 2021.
This started as a competition between Cats and Dogs, while there is no reason to assume that 1 investment strategy excludes the other.

Portfolio analysis D: The Dogs of the Hang Seng

Every year, on January 1,  the 10 Blue Chips Stocks that hold the highest yield are named the Dogs of the Hang Seng.
Blue Chip and High yield, that sounds like a winning combination. Isn’t it?
Every 2 weeks you get to spot if the theory holds up and can supplement your own portfolio.

Oh, and there is this:

US$ 16.45 p/m US$12.45 p/m

expires January 31. Join today and build a financially strong 2021


Champion Membership

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USD 12.45 p/m

USD 149.- paid annually
payments go to Lucky rooster ltd.
What happens after you pay?
After logging in you can download The Directory and see the Dividend History reports of each company.

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