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Why become a Champion Member

If you are looking into investing in Hong Kong Stocks, this is a good opportunity. So why not get serious and start now?


1. Because it makes you SMARTER, expand your knowledge

Make better informed decisions because you know which
companies are keep paying more dividends to you and which are failing to do so.

2. Because now you can create your invincible portfolio and get the best from 2 worlds:

 Value and income generating stocks: There are even Blue Chip stocks that have a dividend growth policy!


3.  Because you SAFE TIME

You do not have to look into all the financial reports. You
just take one look and the Stock Screener shows you the hottest Dividend
Growth Stocks and the underappreciated Blue Chip stocks immediately,
updated weekly.

highest dividend stocks 2021

What is the Champion Membership?

For you to make better informed decisions fast about investing in Hong Kong Dividend Growth stocks and Hong Kong Blue Chip companies

  • The Directory

    A list with only companies that hold a proven record of increasing dividends. Save your precious time. This is THE ONLY Directory filled with income generating stocks. Presented in an easy to filter and access .xls file

  • Stock Screener

    Quickly make sense of complicated metrics: as a part of The Directory, this tool shows you in 1 glance which companies look good according to 3 most important principles: 1-Dividend Growth, 2-Dividend Safety 3-Value

  • Blue Chip Value Insights

    See which Blue Chip companies are over priced or undervalued. Also see which stocks are also Dividend Growth Stocks Updated weekly presented in an easy to filter and access .xls file

  • Dividend History Reports

    A detailed report about the historical dividends paid by the companies from The Directory. Here you can see for how many years, how much dividend was paid. Also the years to get to 10% yield on cost.

  • Full access to website

    Every company has their own page of information. Here you find, the Dividend History sheets, Historcal price charts and again the results of the Stock Screener. you find those also in The Directory

  • NEWS letter

    Send to you once a week. Everything Dividend Growth or Blue Chip that is in the news. Ex-dates, dividend announcements. All in 1 place. To keep you informed

High yield dividend growth list

Effortless, pick new investment opportunities in seconds



How many times did you find yourself down the rabbit hole, looking at stats and figures, comparing yield and growth with price and value?

While headache and doubts creep in.

Understandably, because the first rule of money is not to lose money.

That is why the Champion Membership comes with a build in Stock Screener. Simple & Easy, in a split second you see which companies have:

1 Dividend growth

The aim is high yield  and high yield that comes with high growth of yearly dividends is even better. So aim for the best

2 Risk of no Dividend Growth

Here you look at the risk of the increase of dividends not happening. For Dividend Growth Investing there is nothing  worse than hoping to get a pay raise and not getting that.

3 Value of the stock

Is the price overvalued or favorably undervalued? Good investments come for a price. Dividend growth investing is  data driven. Sentiments of the market can be an advantage in building a portfolio with highers yields than average for those who are aiming for good price, high yield, high value,long term vision

Get to what is important fast

Save time

Finding all Dividend Growth stocks a daunting task. With The Directory you have them all  in one place AND you can evaluate all of them quickly on

Growth | Risk | Value

Average yield of 5%

With an average yield of 5% and average P/E ratio of 8.9
Hong Kong Dividend Growth Companies can be of great value to reach your financial goals.


This is not for people who


are looking for a way to get rich fast

it takes patience, consistency and due diligence to build the portfolio that generates more and more income by compounding dividends and increasing asset value

prefer nerve racking (day)trading

The general idea is to discover, investigate, buy & hold stocks to collect dividends, without losing any sleep when the markets tumble and everybody’s acting like their hair is on fire.

Save invest relax



$125 / HK$ 970
  • SAVE 17%
  • $25/m Billed $125/ 6-months


After your payment is received

  • 1. Your Champion Membership account is created automatically.
  • 2. You’ll receive an email that contains the link to complete your registration.
  • 3. When you click on that special link in the email it will bring you to the registration page and let you choose a “username” and “password” for your Champion Membership account.

What other Champion members say:

I can not believe it took me so long to subscribe.

Chris Lam

Hong Kong

Too many interesting companies. Thanks for the Stock Screener to make the first filtering.



That subscribtion fee I earned back easily.

Thank you for sorting this out


New York

I needed some extra income, dividend investing was a good choice

Mr. Wong

Hong Kong

The purpose of the Champion membership is two-fold:

  1. For Dividend Growth Investors or investors that want to supplement their portfolio with income generating stocks.
  2. For International Investors looking for long term (buy-and-hold) opportunities.

Put simply, the Champion membership is your investment guide to income and value generating stocks on the world renowned Hong Kong stock exchange.

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1 year Champion Membership for only

HKD 1,540.00

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