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– Last week what stands out? Dividend Aristocrat goes ex-dividend
– The  Blue Chips : Now more blue chips than ever!
– The 25 highest yield dividend growth stocks. With extra column this week
– Hong Kong Dividend Growth Stocks averages on June 24, 2023:
– Great links you can not miss out on

– What stands out?
Coming week Beijing Enterprise HKG:0392 will go Ex-Dividend. And that is super exciting, because

  • this is a dividend aristocrat, 25 years no dividend decreases!
  • 1-yr dividend growth is 28%
  • yield is now a staggering 5.5%!

This is a unique piece of stock!
Champion members, also the liability numbers look just where we want them, neat and nice. There might be 2 points negative, EPS growth went down by 23% and the price is close to their 52-week high. Other then that, this looks just great.

Hong Kong Blue Chip Stocks
The Hong Kong Blue Chips got 4 more companies added to the list. For now it looks like 81 companies. One of the new ones is HKG:0322 TingYi. That used to be a Dividend Growth stock, until it wasn’t.
If you are wondering what it takes to becomes a Blue Chip company, this you might like. Simple post, 4 bullet points. Most can be captured very well by data. It is just point 4 that is harder to pinpoint.

-The 25 highest yield dividend growth stocks
are updated. that .xls file you will find on the free members page (You have to sign up to get this file. Don’t worry it’s free) and the Champion members page.

What is the extra column this week?
The extra column is P/B ratio. Price-to-book ratio.

What is this?

Price to Book Ratio (P/B Ratio) is a financial ratio used to compare a company’s stock market price to its book value. The book value is the difference between a company’s total assets and total liabilities, which provides an estimate of what shareholders would receive if a company were to liquidate.

What does it tells us in words of dividend Growth, Risk of dividend cuts or Value?

This one goes to Value.
A higher P/B ratio indicates that a company’s stock is overvalued, while a lower P/B ratio suggests that the stock is undervalued. However, it’s important to note that the P/B ratio is not the only metric to consider when evaluating a company’s potential for investment.

What is a good P/B Ratio?
Of course anything below 1 is good. If book value is higher than price, whoohooo, jackpot!
BUT,  the professionals use anything below 3 as a good target. So choose your pick.
I use 1 as the highest number. Anything above just means the price is higher than the value. That does not have to be bad at all, because there is more to look at to determine if the price is right, like P/E, Graham number and so on.
P/B ratio is one of the few indicators to look at.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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Hong Kong Dividend Growth Stocks averages on June 24, 2023,

Of all Hong Kong Dividend Growth stocks:

  • The average yield of all companies in the Directory is 6% .  With the highest yield being 29% and the lowest 0.7%
  • Of all these stocks the average 5-year-average-dividend-growth is 16%.
  • 1-year-average Dividend growth is 10%
  • When we do: yield 6% x growth 16% => 10%-Yield-on-Cost will be in 4 years!!
  • Average Price-to-Earnings ratio (P/E) is: 17.4
  • Average Price-to-Book ratio (P/B) is: 1.16

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