201206 Update Hong Kong Dividend Growth stocks
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201206 Update Hong Kong Dividend Growth stocks

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Dividend Growth announcements in the past weeks
These companies remain in the game.

 Cross Harbour (0032.HK) HK$ 0.06 – 0%  increase of Interim Dividend
Dickson Concept (0113.HK)
HK$0.28 – 0% Increase of Interim  Dividend
China Water (0855.HK) HK$ 0.15 – 7% increase of Interim Dividend
Karry Int’l (1050.HK) HK$ 0.04 – 0% Increase of Interim Dividend ~Special Dividend HK$ 0.005

Highlights straight out of the HKDS Directory

Hong Kong Dividend Growth Stocks averages:
Here we look at All the Hong Kong Dividend Growth Companies and calculate the averages, This way you get an benchmark idea of what results are realistic and if it is worthwhile putting your focus on adding these stocks to your portfolio.

  • Yield average of all companies in the Directory is 4.79% . (Yield, the higher the better, as long as risk is acceptable)
  • The average P/E ratio is 8.91 (a P/E ratio over 20 is too high, look for ratio’s lower than 20.)
  • Of all these stocks the average 5-year-average-dividend-growth is 21.96% (how much was the average growth of the dividend per year that the company paid per share in the last 5 years? You guessed it, the higher the better)
  • Years it takes to get 10% yield on costs: When we do:  yield 4.79% x 5-yr av growth 21.96% => 10%-Yield-on-Cost will be in 5 years.
  • Return on Equity: 12.28 ( Aim is for anything above 10)

#QUESTION: If I was to put a name on the Company that shows the averages of all Hong Kong Dividend Growth stocks, what name and tickler would you give it?
example HKG:0000 Standard Dividend Growth Company.  (Not sexy, I know)
That is why I am curious to your ideas. You can reply to this email or drop a comment on the HKDS Social Media pages.

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Updated: 25 Dividend Growth stocks with the highest yield
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