200704 Update Hong Kong Dividend Growth stocks

The first directory of Hong Kong dividend growth stocks

200704 Update Hong Kong Dividend Growth stocks

Companies that pay the most dollars

In this update:

  • This weeks Top 5. Who pays the most $$$?
  • Dividend announcements,
  • New Challengers added
  • Blue Chip Value Insights
  • HSI compared to January 1, things start to look better


This weeks Top 5
In this weeks top 5 we look at the companies that pay the most HK$. This has nothing to do with yield. Yield is the percentage of the price (you paid) . This top 5 is about the highest payers.
Hang Seng wins, with a HK$ 7.50 per share.

For the complete picture, the lowest amount you can get from these Dividend Growth Companies (DGC) is HK$ 0.01 per share per year. (still yielding at 3.3%)

TickersNameSectorCurrencyCurrent dividend
HKG:0011Hang Seng Bank Ltd.BankHK$7.50
HKG:0158MELBOURNE ENTProperty InvestmentHK$5.10
HKG:0016Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd.Property investmentHK$4.95
HKG:0002CLP Holdings Ltd.ElectricityHK$3.02
HKG:0006POWER ASSETSElectricity supplyHK$2.80

This goes to show contrast in yield (%) and cash ($) . High yield does not always mean a lot of cash flow.

 Dividend Growth announcements in the past week

China Water (00855.HK) HK$ 0.16 Final 7% growth
Far East Consortium (0035.HK)
HK$ 0.15 final -13% growth
Winfair (0287.HK) HK$
0.14 final 0% growth

Far East Consortium (0035.HK) will be removed out of the Directory in the coming week.

New Challengers added to the Directory:
Oriental watch 0398.HK
SH Ind Urban 0563.HK
(weirdest dividend chart ever)

HSI compared to January 1, is now at a mild -11%

Blue Chip Insights

-Blue Chip stocks are down average -13%
-Biggest loser: Swire Pacific 0019.HK) -43% since January 1
-Biggest winner: 0700.HK Tencent +37%

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