190601 Update Hong Kong Dividend Growth stocks

The first directory of Hong Kong dividend growth stocks

190601 Update Hong Kong Dividend Growth stocks

high dividend stocks hong kong listed

In this update:

  • Dividend announcements of the past week!
  • Blog post that got attention: Dividend investing reduces stress
  • Company of the week: double digit yield!
  • Averages HKDS updated June 1

Let’s go

Dividend announcements of the past week
For our list not much was announced worthwhile on the subject of dividend growth investing. Only 2 company made a appearance worthwhile.

PokFuLam  00225.HK
Melbourne Enterprice 00158.HK


Blog post that got attention
It is said before and over at Dividend Diplomats they say is again: Dividend investing reduces stress. Hong Kong Listed Company of the week:
Computime (00320.HK) put itself in this weeks spotlights as their yield at closing time Friday May 31 is in the double digits!

Averages of all dividend growth stocks as listed in the Hong Kong Dividend Growth stocks directory:
Average yield : 4.04%
Average 5 year average dividend growth 19.47%

Wishing you a sunny weekend,
Petra @ Hong Kong Dividend Stocks

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