How did the Dogs of the Hang Seng 2020 do?
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How did the Dogs of the Hang Seng 2020 do?

January 4, 2021

Now 2020 has ended, you can see here if investing on January 2020 in the Dogs of the Hang Seng paid you good fortune.

What are the Dogs of The Hang Seng?
These are shares of Blue Chip companies that are selected because of their highest yield. Of all Hong Kong Blue Chips stocks the top 10 with the highest yield got selected. That gave these 10 companies here

In this hypothetical portfolio stocks worth of HK$10.000 of each of the 10 companies were bought. Total portfolio costs HK$ 100.000

Okay, the results:
Then 2020 did what it did. And it went ugly.
Hong Kong suffered of the aftermath of the protests and other political issues. And of course there was a thing called Covid-19 that put the whole world on hold.

Needless to say the Dogs of the Hang Seng 2020 suffered too.

So on January 1, 2021 the value of the HK$100.000 Dogs-of-the-Hang-Seng-Portfolio was in total: HK$74.908.38 a terrible loss of 25%
The dividends that were received in (the calendar year) 2020, they added up to HK$5,274.31
An investment of HK$100.000 made a dividend income of HK$5,274.31 That is over 5% Yield on Cost! Not too bad.

When you add the dividend income with the current value, you get to (HK$5,274.31+HK$74.908.38=) HK$80,182.69
Still a loss of 19,817.13 almost 20%

TickerCompanyYieldStart PricePriceCurrent WorthTotal Dividend incomeCurrent value + Dividend incomeWin Loss incl dividend income
HKG:0005HSBC HOLDINGS6.57%60.8540.756,696.800.006,696.80-33.03%
HKG:0006POWER ASSETS4.91%57427,368.42491.237,859.65-21.40%
HKG:0386SINOPEC CORP10.20%4.693.477,398.72648.198,046.91-19.53%
HKG:1088CHINA SHENHUA6.16%16.2814.68,968.06847.679,815.72-1.84%
HKG:2388BOC HONG KONG5.43%27.0523.58,687.62532.359,219.96-7.80%
HKG:3988BANK OF CHINA6.29%3.332.657,957.96630.638,588.59-14.11%

Losing is not good. Never. You might want to look at overall losses.
Let’s hope 2021 is a bit more prosperous for all of us and the Dogs of the Hang Seng 2021

If you want to use the HSI as a reference for your portfolio.
The Hang Seng opened on January 2, 2020 28,249.37
It closed on December 31, 2020 27,231.13
That is 3% lower.


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