240229 Deep Blue-Chip Newsletter
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240229 Deep Blue-Chip Newsletter

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HKDS Deep Blue-Chip Newsletter

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  •  1 Blue Chip result that stands out
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1 Blue Chip result that stands out
CLP HKG:0002 ended their year glorious.

The annual report for 2023 reflects promising outcomes for CLP, a Hong Kong stock market-listed company. Notably, the company achieved remarkable 610% growth in its one-year Earnings Per Share (EPS), highlighting significant financial advancement. Meanwhile, the company maintained a consistent dividend payout, reflecting steadfast financial policies. It is noteworthy that CLP stands as one of the rare entities in Hong Kong that adheres to a quarterly dividend payment schedule, signifying its dedication to shareholder value and financial transparency.

  • EPS HK$ 2.63
  • 1-yr EPS Growth 610%
  • Dividend ann HK$ 1.21 (Ex dividend March 8)
  • Total annual dividend HK$3.10 (flat to 2022)


1 Remarkable in the Blue Chip 2024: (download here)
One stock that will go Ex-dividend this month:
 HKG:2015 Li Auto . Since January 1, the stock has gone up a remarkable 30% probably on expectations of extremely good Q42023 results.
1 Champion member level insight
Blue Chips are more easy to understand, because they feel more safe. They are solid listings that each have their place in their market for decades. That also makes them (mostly not all) household names. Alibaba, BYD, XiaoMi and Lenovo.
It is worthwhile to check the Blue Chip Insights file and filter on the column dividend growth stock. These are the stocks that also pay increasing amounts of dividends.
One company did raised their dividends for 25 years.
We also know, that BETA shows us the volatility of a stock in market turbulence. What if we filter
1-the Blue Chips first on their growing dividends and then
2-on lowest BETA.
Would that be a recipe to give us the strongest winner?

1 thing Blue Chip we look at next week
Let’s look what the data says about the combined results of the Blue Chip casino’s. See who’s game.

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