200229 Update Hong Kong Dividend Growth stocks

The first directory of Hong Kong dividend growth stocks

200229 Update Hong Kong Dividend Growth stocks

Hong Kong Dividend updates

In this update:

  • Highlights, now that the market is having a field day.
  • Dividend announcements of the past week!
  • Updated (200229) the 25 highest yield dividend growth stock on the Hong Kong index
  • Something weird in the announcements

Highlights in this weeks Directory of companies that keep raising their dividends:

  • 51 companies that have a yield of 5% or higher
  • 25 companies that are less than 1% to their lowest price in 52 weeks
  • 13 ex-dates approaching fast
  • 5 companies that yield over 9%

Dividend announcements of the past week

Great Eagle (0041.HK) HK$ 0.50 0% growth final (SD HK$0.50)
Sino Hotels (1221.HK) HK$ 0.01 -77% interim
Cheuk Nang Holdings (131.HK) HK$ 0.075 0% interim
Sino Land (0083.HK)
HK$ 0.14 0% Interim
New World Development (0017.HK)
HK$ 0.14 0% Interim
TST Properties (0247.HK)
HK$ 0.14 0% interim
Lam Soon (0411.HK)
HK$ 0.14 0% interim
Sun Hung Kai (0016.HK)
HK$ 0.14 0% interim

Weird event, 8 announcements and 5 of them announce HK$ 0.14 and no growth in their interim dividend.

1-We lost one listing 0958.HK HN renewables is removed of the Hang Seng Index.
2-Compared to January 1, the HSI is down 8.15%

That being said, please stay healthy & strong as these are unprecedented times.
Wishing you a great week,
Petra @ Hong Kong Dividend Stocks
More Hong Kong Dividend & Blue Chip news, follow:

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