200719 Update Hong Kong Dividend Growth stocks
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200719 Update Hong Kong Dividend Growth stocks

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In this update:

  • This weeks Top 5. Price to book ratio, who is the best?
  • Dividend announcements,
  • Blue Chip Value Insights
  • HSI compared to January 1, things start to look better
  • Updated (200718) the 25 highest yield dividend growth stock on the Hong Kong index
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This weeks Top 5
In this weeks top 5 we look at Price to Book ratio, P/B. This is price divided by book value of a stock. It is one of the metrics that can tell you if the stock is underpriced or overpriced.

Book value is calculated like this:
(Assets-liabilities) / number of common shares

Example, of a certain company the price of 1 share is $25, and book value says $15 per share. Obviously, the book value is lower than the price. So we come to this calculation $25/$15= 1.666

Short quiz:  Company Peachy has a book value per share is $125, you check the stock and find the price of this share is now  $45.
Is this an indication that the stock is
A- overpriced
B- underpriced

Back to the Top 5. These are the companies with the lowest P/B Ratio

TickersNameP/B ratio
HKG:0898Multifield Int’l 0.16

This is a segment of The Directory of all Hong Kong Dividend Growth Stocks

 Dividend Growth announcements in the past week

Nothing to report

HSI compared to January 1, is now at a steady -12%

Blue Chip Insights

-Blue Chip stocks are climbing to a proud  -8%
-Biggest loser: Swire Pacific 0019.HK) -43% since January 1
-Biggest winner: New World Development 0017.HK  +251% (yes, double checked it)

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