200606 Update Hong Kong Dividend Growth stocks
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200606 Update Hong Kong Dividend Growth stocks

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In this update:

  • Dividend announcements
  • New Dividend Challenger added
  • New added metric in the Directory of all Hong Kong Dividend Growth stocks:
  • Blue Chip Value Insights
  • HSI compared to January 1

 Dividend Growth announcements in the past week

Link REIT (0823.HK) HK$ 1.4572 Final Div + 5.9%

The company booked a loss over 2019/2020. Mainly due to the loss of fair value of their properties not to loss of revenue. See page 29 of their powerpoint presentation.

New Dividend Challenger:

CITIC (0267.HK)
a Hong Kong Blue Chip with 5 consecutive years of dividend increases.

New added metric in the Directory of all Hong Kong Dividend Growth stocks:
Price to Book ratio. (P/B Ratio) This is the price of the stock divided by the book value. This metric helps to find stocks that are undervalued of overvalued.
Another metric to look at in the P/E value (Price to Earnings) depending on your flavor anything higher than 15-20 is overvaluing a stock.
P/E ratio’s are also mentioned in the list of 25 Hong Kong Dividend growth stocks with the highest yield. (See the update below.)


HSI compared to January 1, is now at a mild -13%

Blue Chip Insights

-Blue Chip stocks are down average 14%
-Biggest loser: China Unicom 0762.HK) -37% since January 1
-Biggest winner: 1177.HK Sino Biopharm +25%

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