190518 Update Hong Kong Dividend Growth stocks
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190518 Update Hong Kong Dividend Growth stocks

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In this Update:

Let’s go

Dividend announcements of the past week
For our list not much was announced worthwhile on the subject of dividend growth investing. Only 1 company made a appearance and that brought us a new challenger in our midst

Johnson Electric 00179.HK


Blog post that got attention

What if you never sell the stocks you have bought?“What if I just stop selling? Is this a way to make life easier and improve the performance of our portfolio? Let’s see if it’s possible. “

If this got your attention too, there is another post of Jason Fieber on Not Selling.

Hong Kong Listed Company of the week:
Sun Hung Kai properties (00016.HK) got itself in a spot of trouble according to the South China Post. They are a contender on our list with a remarkable track record.

Averages of all dividend growth stocks as listed in the Hong Kong Dividend Growth stocks directory:
Average yield : 3.98%
Average 5 year average dividend growth 19.88%

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