180921 Update- HKDS weekly roundup

180921 Update- HKDS weekly roundup

September 21, 2018 Updates 0

HKDS weekly roundup

Happy to tell you, I’ve found 4 new stocks this week that are worth looking into.

  1. 00032.HK CROSS-HAR(HOLD) An interesting Contender. For 10 years no dividend decrease, and if it weren’t for a cut in 2007 it could have been a Champion!
  2. 00035.HK FE CONSORT I  Very good looking Challenger here. Well rounded average dividend growth curves. Smooth on P/E and yield.
  3. 00041.HK GREAT EAGLE The special dividend this company is rewarding their stockholders is heart warming. Even leaving that out of the calculations this a apearl in the portfolio.
  4. 00165.HK China Everbright Ltd A beauty, so charming. All figures are well shaped at this moment, and for that price,

That brings us to 40 stocks so far. Your updated excel sheet will show you more opportunities.

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