210910 Update Hong Kong Dividend Growth Stocks
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210910 Update Hong Kong Dividend Growth Stocks

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– What happened last week?
– What to look out for next week?
– The 25 highest yield dividend growth stocks, what stands out?
– Hong Kong Dividend Growth Stocks averages on September 10, 2021:
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– What happened last week?
Blue Chip Sun Hung Kai Properties HKG:0016 came with the results of the year closing at June 30, 2021. Good news! They prolonged their dividend streak and have so for 20-years! EPS is rising again and P/E is in a favorable mood.

The chairman of China Aoyuan HKG:3883 purchased a lot of this stock according to this newsflash. That is remarkable as this week the Stock Screener turned everything dark green (best score  this tool can give).
Interim results look not too bad, not too optimistic either. No dividend was announced, but this company does not do interim dividends. Net profit growth and growth in EPS year on year are down 5%. Revenue went up by 14%. Still the price of this stock is -50% on its 52-week high.

Compared to last week:
Biggest riser in stock price was HKG:1308 SITC this stock went up 10%
Biggest loser: HKG:1628 Yuzou Properties stock went down 5.63%. This price laps caused the yield to go to 25%.
This appears an extraordinary yield for a DG stock, but be cautious, this company cut their interim dividend and their interim results are not flourishing. So being on top of our Top 10 highest yield stocks does not make this company automatically a winner for your income generating portfolio, probably.

– What to look out for next week?
Coming week we are going to look deeper into the interim results. Negative results can definitely impact the dividend (raise) outcome when the final results are being announced. This adds to the Risk Segment if a company is being able to pay dividends at all.

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-The 25 highest yield dividend growth stocks and the Directory for Champion members, what stands out?
As mentioned earlier China Aoyuan HKG:3883 is just looking too good to be true. Almost a perfect score on the Stock Screener. (optimal Dividend GROWTH, low RISK of Dividend cuts, great VALUE)
-HKG:0934 Sinopec Kantons  will go Ex-Dividend coming week. This is a Dividend Contender you might want to look into. Optimistic interim results, interim dividend remained stable. Yield is north of 5%

Hong Kong Dividend Growth Stocks averages on September 10, 2021:
Of all Hong Kong Dividend Growth stocks, the averages are:

  • The average yield of all companies in the Directory is 4.98% . Last week average yield was 5.01%
  • Of all these stocks the average 5-year-average-dividend-growth is 21.93%
  • 1-year-average Dividend growth is 14.25%
  • When we do:  yield 4.98% x growth 21.3% => 10%-Yield-on-Cost will be in 5 years.
  • Average Price-to-Earnings ratio (P/E) is: 13.21, last week PE was over 13.5
  • Average Earnings per Share (EPS) is: 1.136

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