200321 Update Hong Kong Dividend Growth stocks
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200321 Update Hong Kong Dividend Growth stocks

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Dividend announcements of the past week
Cross Harbour (0032.HK) HK$ 0.24 +0.05% final
HK Ferry (0050.HK) HK$ 0.28 0% final
Kerry PPT (0683.HK) HK$ 0.95 0% final
CK Life Siences (0775.HK)
HK$ 0.01 0% final
Essex Bio Tech (1061.HK)
HK$ 0.05 +34.9% final
Town Gas (1083.HK)
HK$ 0.15 0% growth final

Tencent (0700.HK) New Challenger 5 years of dividend raises!
XinLi Glass 0868.HK

Removed: HK Electric (2638.HK) Dividend decrease

HSI compared to January 1, is down 20%
Blue Chip stocks are down average 22.5 % Biggest loser: 0883.HK GNOOC -44%
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