The Cats of the Hang Seng 2020

The first directory of Hong Kong dividend growth stocks

The Cats of the Hang Seng 2020

cats of the Hang Seng

The Cats of the Hang Seng 2020 are the 10 Dividend Growth stocks (companies that give higher dividends for 5 years or longer) with the highest yield, on January first.

So of all the Dividend growth companies as listed in The Directory here, the 10 highest yielding stocks are filtered. This creates an hypothetical portfolio.

Hypothetically the portfolio holds HKD 100.000 (HKD 10.000 per company) and through out 2020 we watch this portfolio perform in terms of value and dividend income against the portfolio of the Dogs of the Hang Seng 2020 and the Hang Seng Index.

Please be noted this is for entertainment purposes.

The procedure:

Step 1, on the first day of  the new year, you buy for an equal amount each of these 10 stocks. In our example we use HK$ 10.000 per company.

Step 2, do nothing until the last day of the year. Sell and calculate you profit of loss.

Step 3, repeat.

Meet the Cats of the Hang Seng 2020

TickerCompanyYieldStart PriceInvested HK$How Many stocks
HKG:0306KWOON CHUNG8.57%2.80100003,571.43
HKG:1127LION ROCK GROUP8.33%1.20100008,333.33
HKG:1212LIFESTYLE INT’L7.44%8.94100001,118.57
HKG:1333CHINA ZHONGWANG8.68%3.11100003,215.43
HKG:1373IH RETAIL7.77%1.84100005,434.78
HKG:2788YORKEY OPTIC8.86%0.791000012,658.23
HKG:3315Gold Pac Group7.78%1.80100005,555.56
HKG:3828MING FAI INT8.43%0.831000012,048.19
HKG:6033Telecom Digi9.06%2.65100003,773.58
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