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What you will learn of the 25 highest yield Dividend Growth stocks:

  • Yield, highest yield, maybe this is the undervalued nugget of gold. But it mostly means there is more happening than we see at first glance. Time for adventure to learn more
  • Price . Price and yield are like Yin and Yang. Price goes up, yield goes down and vice versa. Check for 52-week high and low price to see if the high yield is a consistent
  • EPS: Earnings per Share. How much money makes a company per share? The general idea here is to have this in positive numbers. Even 0.01 is a win.
  • P/E ratio Price-to-Earnings look for below 20, or 15 if you are conservative, which is good too. It shows if the price can be backed by its earnings. In other words the price divided by the earnings per share (what the company makes on profit/number of shares)


And we also check Blue Chip Companies, because of their increasing Value investment opportunities.

Blue Chip companies.

Here you will see,

  • Yield, not all Blue Chip Companies are dividend Growth minded investments. We look at Value investing in huge well known unbreakable companies, remember? Dividend is an extra.
  • And of course the famous brothers EPS and P/E, you met them in the 25-highest yield dividend list.


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