HKG:1681 Consun Pharm
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HKG:1681 Consun Pharm

HKG:1681 Consun Pharm operates in the field of Medicine. The pharmaceutical products of the Company include kidney medicines, contrast medium and others. The Company’s subsidiaries include Brilliant Reach Group Limited, Century International Develop Limited and Grand Reach Company Limited. Through its subsidiaries, the Company is also engaged in the research and development of pharmaceutical products.No interim dividend for the six months ended
30 June 2022. There might be the distribution of a final dividend based on the dividend
level in previous years at the Board meeting to be held for reviewing the results for the
year ending 31 December 2022.

HKG:1681 Consun Pharm

Last update: 26-Feb-24

Quick overview:

    • Yield: 5.62%

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    • Lot: 1000
    • Price/Earnings ratio : 5.39 (Ideal <20 )
    • Earnings per share : 0.990 (Ideal >0.001)
    • Price as per 26-Feb-24 : HK$5.34
    • Ex-Dividend Date coming up:  N/A

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