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Champion Membership

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If you are in doubt to become a Champion member and also in fear of choosing not the best stock options, this offer will guide you in the right direction of building something beautiful!

Now you have the unique opportunity to try the Champion Membership for 3 months, or 6 months! 

A reminder of what you get:

  • The Directory of all HK Dividend Growth Stocks .xls easy to download and updated every week. Find the best high yield dividend companies
  • Easy Dividend Stock screener. See golden opportunities in 1 second
  • Complete Dividend History Reports  this helps to see future dividend growth
  • Full access to the website historic prices and company background information
  • 1 weekly update.
  • BONUS: .xls companies that have both: the Dividend Growth and Blue Chip badge. These should be the rainmakers in everybody’s portfolio


$125 / HK$ 970
  • SAVE 17%
  • $21/m Billed $125/ 6-months

After your payment is received

  • 1. Your Champion Membership account is created automatically.
  • 2. You’ll receive an email that contains the link to complete your registration.
  • 3. When you click on that special link in the email it will bring you to the registration page and let you choose a “username” and “password” for your Champion Membership account.