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221031 Newsletter

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Let’s look to the adventures of our  Dividend Growth stocks listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange. 


Reminder: All Dividend Growth stocks are packed in the Directory Data Set #1. This is an easy to understand overview in Excel of all companies that have

  • 5 years or more of dividend increases
  • 5 yr dividend growth rate of 0.001 or higher.

this way you save a huge amount of time in your research to find the right stocks that are eligible for your cash flow generating portfolio.

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Based on a lot of data we look for good opportunities for Dividend Income creation and Value Investing .  (Dividend Growth, Risk of not getting any Dividends and Value for Price)

What do we see this week?

– Last week what stands out? A Dividend Challenger that just could not keep up.
– Champion Members: Something sweet for you in data set #5
– The 25 highest yield dividend growth stocks. About what is not in the list.
– Hong Kong Dividend Growth Stocks averages on October 29, 2022:
– Great links you can not miss out on

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– What stands out?

HKBN HKG:1310 came with their numbers year ending August 31, 2022.
EPS growth 167%
BUT and here it comes, total dividend decreased 21%

How did this happen?
Although all numbers look good or better than previous year, the payout ratio was way above 100%. A company can not keep doing that if they want to invest in growth.
Even with this cut in shareholder payments, the payout ratio is 142%. This company  had a dividend increasing streak of 6 years. A beautiful streak as you can see.

Next week this Ex-Challenger will be removed of the list and with that also from the list of 25 highest yield dividend growth stocks.

-Champion Members:  In your members area there is a data set that holds all dividend growth stocks that are also Blue Chip companies. (data set 5#) 

I highlighted the companies that have a  10% Yield on Costs in 4 years or less!! Based on yield and 5-yr average dividend growth.
What does that mean?
Good question, 10% yield on cost is yield and growth combined. In this case it answers the question, which stock might  pay me 10% yield within 4 years or less if I bought them now?
You might be surprised how many companies qualify.

-The 25 highest yield dividend growth stocks
are updated. that .xls file you will find on the free members page (active link in email) and the Champion members page.

In this weeks update of the 25 Dividend Growth Stocks with the highest yield:

  • Definitely too good to be true, the highest yield stock brings on paper 70%. Please let me know your reasoning if you think this is attainable.
  • Then, say goodbye to HKBN HKG:1310 As mentioned earlier, they are no longer a dividend growth stock.

You can download this free file here (active link in email) and see for your self.

If you do want to hold telecom in your dividend generating portfolio, you might want to take a look at HKG:0728 China Telecom.  (This is not on the 25 highest yield list, this week)

  • Yield : 7%
  • Average 5-yr dividend growth : 16%
  • P/E : 9

Let me know what you see and think.

Hong Kong Dividend Growth Stocks averages on October 29, 2022,

Of all Hong Kong Dividend Growth stocks:

  • The average yield of all companies in the Directory is 7% .  NOTE: There is one company with 70% yield that is pulling up this average.
  • Of all these stocks the average 5-year-average-dividend-growth is 20%.
  • 1-year-average Dividend growth is 15%
  • When we do: yield 7% x growth 20% => 10%-Yield-on-Cost will be in 4 years.
  • Average Price-to-Earnings ratio (P/E) is: 10

Updated links you can not miss out on:

The Directory is part of the Champion Membership and updated weekly. There is even an easy-to-use stock screener build in, so out of all dividend growth stocks you see in 1 second how they perform on dividend growth, Risk and Value.
Just to make your life easier.

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Petra @ Hong Kong Dividend Stocks


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