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HKG:1972 Swire Properties dividend challenger in Hong Kong


HKG:1972 SWIREPROPERTIES Swire Properties 1972.HK had a tough 2019. Net profit went down over 50%. EPS decreased accordingly. And yet a interim 2020 dividend increase of 3% !!

HKG:0898 Multifield Int'l

HKG:0898 Multifield Int’l

HKG:0898 Multifield Int’l What a beauty this chart is. Amazing form .

HKG:0369 WING TAI PPT hsi dividend stocks high yield


HKG:0369 WING TAI PPT Wing Tai Properties (0369.HK) is a new Dividend Contender. The years that were skinny, they froze the dividend, never decreased in 10 years!

HKG:0287 WINFAIR INV Hong Kong dividend aristocrats in the hang seng


HKG:0287 WINFAIR INV Winfair investments 0287.HK, probably one of the most boring Dividend Growth listings. There is something off. Recheck the data

HKG:0247 TST PROPERTIES Hong kong property income and high yield stocks


HKG:0247 TST PROPERTIES It is a characteristic of a contender. The dividend growth is slow and steady.

HKG:0225 POKFULAM contender dividend hong kong


HKG:0225 POKFULAM Pokfulam 0225.HK In 2019 they became a Dividend Contender. For a lot of companies 2008 was a strugling year if we look at dividend payouts. Here no exception.Something to keep in mind if the next depression is nearing. The payout ration is comforting.

HKG:0212 NanYang Holding

HKG:0212 NanYang Holding

HKG:0212 NanYang Holding NanYang Holding (HK0212.HK) A dividend Contender. Although the dividend growth is not on a year on year base, the has not been a dividend decrease since 2008. 5yr EPS growth is not good, payout ratio is to high.

HKG:0158 MELBOURNE ENT high yield dividend stocks of Hong Kong


HKG:0158 MELBOURNE ENT Melbourne Enterprise 0158.HK Payout ratio is a negative, which can mean that the company stood by it’s Dividend Investors and will pay dividends from retained earnings.

HKG:0106 Landsea green Properties a dividend growth stock in Hong Kong

HKG:0106 Landsea green Properties

HKG:0106 Landsea green Properties Land Sea Green Properties (0106.HK) has an interesting dividend growth chart. D/E is too high, need to watch that. RoE and Dividend Payout ratio are good.

HKG:0101 Hang Lung Properties High yield dividend company in Hong Kong

HKG:0101 Hang Lung Properties

HKG:0101 Hang Lung Properties A Hong Kong Blue Chip being a Dividend Growth Company, Hang Lung Properties 101.HK


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