The 2023 Dogs of the Hang Seng
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The 2023 Dogs of the Hang Seng

The 2023 Dogs of the Hang Seng, who are they this year? And how well will they perform in 2023?

Start of the new year, we have a tradition of imaging the Dogs of the Dow concept on the Hong Kong Stock market. This will result into the 2023 Dogs of the Hang Seng.
As with all content on this website, this one also is no financial advise. Pure entertainment with numbers.

How does it work, The Theory
1 – Filter of all the Hong Kong Blue Chips the top 10 of companies that have the highest yield. (Based on dividends paid in the latest full completed financial year.)
2 – Of these 10 buy stocks worth HK$10.000 of each company. So you have spend HK$100.000 equally among the 10 Blue Chippers. This is highly un-practical and borders to un-doable. Still for making this portfolio run its numbers we take this way of calculating.
3 – On January 1 or the first day of trade in the new calendar year buy.
4 –  For the coming year hold and collect your dividends. Do not buy or sell your stocks. Challenging huh?
5 – On December 31 or the last day of trade in that year sell.
6 –  Repeat the following year.

There is little or poor analysis needed to make yourself this portfolio.
The idea is that high yield Blue Chip stocks will rise in price and will keep on paying dividends because they are among the best of the best companies the stock market has to offer. ( In theory that is)

Get ready, here they are:
The 2023 Dogs of the Hang Seng

TickerCompanySectorPrice HK$Yield
HKG:0316Orient Overseas International LtdMarine & Harbour Services141.0042.38%
HKG:0386SinopecPetroleum & Gases3.7714.84%
HKG:1378China HongQiaoNonferrous Metal7.3714.25%
HKG:2007Country GardenProperty Development2.6713.86%
HKG:1088China ShenhuaCoal22.5513.40%
HKG:0868XinYi GlassIndustrial Goods14.549.77%
HKG:3328Bank of CommunicationsBank4.499.41%
HKG:0017New World Development Property Development22.009.36%
HKG:3988Bank of ChinaBank2.849.26%
HKG:0939China Construction BankBank4.898.86%

This might become an interesting year.

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