Stock picking made so easy.
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Stock picking made so easy.

This is an explainer about The Directory of all Hong Kong dividend growth stocks.

Some basics first

This Directory :

  • has been vetted for 7 years and will be for the years to come
  • will be updated weekly
  • And is accessible for all Champion members.
A plain list of data can be overwhelming and confusing. That is not helpful if your are in the process of building a strong portfolio that generates also an income from dividends for you or your clients.
This called for a solution that would make stock picking way easier than numbers only.
Now, with striking colors you can find the metrics used to define the 3 categories a stock is measured:
  1. dividend GROWTH,
  2. RISK in dividend cuts and
  3. VALUE.
And not only that. As you see below, in the Directory we also look at dividend Forecast, Liabilities and the Interim (mid-year) results.
The second sheet of the Directory brings the most frequent used metrics of a company.
Just fill in the ticker number of the dividend growth stock you wish to explore.

Easy, Fast & simple


 Introducing the Stock Screener

Easy & Simple

The fast way of picking your next buy

based on

Dividend Growth | Reduced Risk | Value for Price

  • Why Data on Dividend Growth?

    Looking at only the highest yield is not the best strategy. Yearly increases of dividend payments are the most important factors of forecasting your future earnings of your portfolio.

  • Why Data on Risk?

    Dividend cuts, or worse, suspensions are cause of nightmare, remember? The analyses of Risk is there for the most important indicator is a Dividend investment is a trap or not. Within this data set, there is a sub-set that looks at the companies liabilities. (implemented more thoroughly after the Evergrande drama)

  • Why Data on Value?

    Price is what you pay, value is what you get. Price of a stock can be subject to sentiment of the market. And nobody want to pay too much. You need this data to know is a stock is under-, or overvalued.

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