191215 Dogs of the Hang Seng
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191215 Dogs of the Hang Seng

Twice a month we look at how the Dividend Growth Stocks (DGS) are performing compared to the Hang Seng Index (HSI), compared to the Hong Kong Blue Chips and the Dogs of the Hang Seng.

The latter, like the Dogs of the Dow, are the 10 stocks of the Blue Chips, that yield the highest at the given date (June 30, 2019 in this case)

Of all the Dividend Growth Stocks (DGS), we took the 10 with the highest yield at the given date (June 30, 2019) and named them Dividend Growth Cats.

(So yes, you are comparing cats and dogs here.)

With only December 31 to go we come to and end of these 6 months, where we looked at these 4 portfolios.

With only 2 weeks to go is appears so far that the cats did not do well -6.62%
And the big winner just might be the Dogs coming to a -0.73%
While the HSI lost -3% over the last 6 months.

On January 1 we start a new year with a new starting point for these 4 portfolios.

The main focus will be on the portfolios tht hold:
Of all blue chips, the companies with the top 10 highest yield (the Dogs)
Of all Dividend Growth stocks, the companies the top 10 highest yield (The Cats)

Each stock will get HK$10.000 invested. This results total of HK$100.000 per portfolio on January 1.
During 2020 we will follow these portfolios and see if they beat each other and the HSI.

The Dogs:

The Cats:



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