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03613.HK Tong Ren Tang

03613.HK Tong Ren Tang A brand new 2019 Challenger. Look at that chart, a beauty.

Hong Kong dividend growth 1099.HK


01099.HK SINOPHARM Dividend is in RMB also here. Other than that, things look nice. Not too splendid on the yield side , but consistent growth in dividend. So sit and wait till the time is right.

cspc pharma dividend stock


01093.HK CSPC PHARMA Divdend growth averages look promising, but is this a dividend stock that will keep growing? It did for the last 5 years. Well with a P/E ratio like that, perhaps…

Dividend investing can be challenging

01061.HK Essex Bio-Technology Limited

01061.HK Essex Bio-Technology Limited This company could have been a Contender if it wasn’t for the glitch in 2012

the best hong kong dividend stocks

00867.HK CMS

00867.HK CMS These figures look interesting. The 52-week high is curious making fact.

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