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New dividend challenger hong kong stocks


00916.HK CHINA LONGYU A new Challenger. Dividends come in RMB, growth is slowing, but payout ratio is healthy

dividend stocks HSI, high yield


00006.HK POWER ASSETS Power Assets (0006.HK) dividend growth is less than 1%. There are a lot of other metrics that look better, like the yield for example.

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02638.HK HKELECTRIC-S Hong Kong Electric 2638.HK is a new kid in our block. A dificult one, as the dividend growth does not appear to high.

Hong kong the fallen dividend challengers

00836.HK China Resources Power Holdings Co. Ltd

00836.HK China Resources Power Holdings Co. Ltd The average dividend growth over 10 years is marvelous. Still this remains a challenger with a velvet yield.

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