How did the Dogs of the Hang Seng 2021 do, sofar?
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How did the Dogs of the Hang Seng 2021 do, sofar?

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A super special and exclusive update from Hong Kong Dividend Stocks.
Today we are breaking the year in 2. And it is tradition to look at how the Dogs of the Hang Seng 2021 are performing.
Reading time of this email: 1 minute.

– What are the Dogs of the Hang Seng?
– How did the Hang Seng do these 6 months?
– The Results
– Download available

What are the Dogs of the Hang Seng?
They are the brothers of the Dogs of the Dow (Jones).
It is an (hypothetical) portfolio filled with Blue Chip stocks that hold the highest yield on January 1 of each year. The total portfolio hold the starting value of  $100,000.00 divided in 10 equal part of $ 10,000 spend on each listing that qualifies.

Working Theory is that, because of their Blue Chip status and their dividends this should be a ‘winning’ portfolio.
On December 31 you sell them and buy the new 10 highest yield Blue Chip stocks, rinse and repeat.
You can see the results of the Dogs of Last year here

First off: How did the Hang Seng do these last 6 months?
Good question to start and to benchmark any comparison. What did the market do?
On January 1, 2021 the HSI was: 27231.13
On June 30, 2021 it closed at: 28827.95
Oh wow, the Hong Kong Stock market increased 5.5% !

The Results of the Dogs, 6 months in:
Low and behold, astonishing results:

If you would have bought these shares according the instructions above, you would have gained 23.67%
If you take the collected dividends to account, your would  experience an increase of 28.58%

Too crazy actually.
Sign up for the newsletter, download the result .xls file (free) and see for yourself.

This might become an interesting year, if things continue in this direction!


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