HKG:0177 Jiangsu Expressway
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HKG:0177 Jiangsu Expressway

HKG:0177 Jiangsu Expressway operates in the field of Road and Railway. This company did never ever lower their dividends. For 22 years! And you average dividend growth is not ashtonoshing, but the yield is!

HKG:0177 Jiangsu Expressway

Last update: 24-Sep-23

Quick overview:

    • Yield: 7.47%

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    • Lot: 2000
    • Price/Earnings ratio : 7.72 (Ideal <20 )
    • Earnings per share : 0.950 (Ideal >0.001)
    • Price as per 24-Sep-23 : HK$7.33
    • Ex-Dividend Date coming up:  N/A

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