This website is about long term investment strategies using stocks you find on the Hong Kong Stock exchange.

We follow 2 kind of companies.

One: Dividend growth stocks.

They are the ones that have a history of at least 5 year of raising their dividend.
Investing in these kind of stocks brings a income from dividends and because of the increasing dividend payouts you can expect and increasing income by just picking the right stocks and holding them.
Conduct your research,
Collect dividends,
Continue Investing.
The time consuming part is the doing the research to find the right company at the right time. This website is meant to make that easier, simpler and faster for you.
Here is how:
*There is The Directory with all Dividend Growth Companies and their specific numbers, a life document updated weekly.
*There is the Stock Screener, based on 40 metrics you can tell in seconds which stocks in The Directory
1- have potential dividend Growth,
2- have finance to back the next dividend raise (Risk of NOT receiving Dividends) and
3- if the price is worth the Value of a stock .
*There is for each company a Dividend Report, detailed to the Dividend History, Yield on Cost in the future based on projected dividend growth. Clear, easy to understand and insightful.

Two: Blue Chip Companies

The other long term investment option are stocks that grow in Value overtime, in particular Blue Chip stocks that are listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange.
These companies are well established names and brands that have proven their reason for existence over a long period of time. If bought for a good price, they can supplement your portfolio by increasing value over time.
This website looks at how the value of the company holds against the price of the stock.
As you can imagine, this are the least exciting ways of investing. Or perhaps the excitement is in the research and the screening and vetting of a particular stock that comes in your sight.
That is why it’s called investing and not speculating or trading.
The mission is simple, create a portfolio that has your money working for you so you can retire early, have an extra (passive) income, have your Freedom Fund, be financially free and live on your terms, while you can sleep very well in dire times.
One more thing: of these 2 kind of stocks, Dividend Growth and Blue Chip, there is a sweet spot of stocks that are both.


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