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HKG:3883 China Aoyuan High dividend Hong Kong stock

HKG:3883 China Aoyuan

HKG:3883 China Aoyuan A brand new 2019 Challenger. Look at that chart, a beauty.

Logan PPT dividend growth

HKG:3380 Logan Properties

HKG:3380 Logan Properties 2019 New Challenger. EPS growth rate looks promising

HKG:1918 Sunac Dividend growth in vesting for passive income even in a volatile market

HKG:1918 Sunac

HKG:1918 Sunac Sunac (1918.HK) pays their dividend in RMB. The company is a newly minted Dividend Challenger with a good payout ratio and EPS growth rate.

HKG:1628 YuZhou Properties The best Hong Kong dividend stocks.

HKG:1628 YuZhou Properties

HKG:1628 YuZhou Properties Interesting high yield for Yuzhou Properties (1628.HK)

HKG:1238 PowerLong real Estate Holdings the best hong kong dividend stocks challenger Powerlong (1238.HK)

HKG:1238 PowerLong real Estate Holdings

HKG:1238 PowerLong real Estate Holdings The chart for Power Long Real Estate (1238.HK) looks goood. The fisrt years 2010 and 2011 were dividends in RMB. Since 2012 dividends come in HK$

HKG:1233 Times China Times China yield rmb stock n the hong kong stock exchange

HKG:1233 Times China

HKG:1233 Times China 6

HKG:1109 China Resources Land Dividend contenders of Hong Kong

HKG:1109 China Resources Land

HKG:1109 China Resources Land When a company announced its Dividends in RMB and Dividends are calculated in HK$, it can cause misunterstandings. In RMB there is still a slight Dividend increase for China Resources Land (HKG:1109) over 2019.

HKG:1030 Seazen Group dividend with best yield

HKG:1030 Seazen Group

HKG:1030 Seazen Group 0

HKG:0960 LONGFOR PPTbest dividend in RMB in Hong Kong


HKG:0960 LONGFOR PPT The original dividend is announced in RMB So be aware of exchange rate risks. That said, dividend payouts only went up since the start.

HKG:0884 CIFI HOLD GP high growth dividend stock hong kong


HKG:0884 CIFI HOLD GP CIFI Holdings (0884.HK) is doing a good job, raising dividends every year.What a beauty this chart is. Amazing form. Good payout ratio and and interesting yield. Might be worthwhile for further investigation.


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