191015 Dogs of the Hang Seng

The first directory of Hong Kong dividend growth stocks

191015 Dogs of the Hang Seng

Dogs oof the Hang seng, Cats of the Hang Seng


Twice a month we look at how the Dividend Growth Stocks (DGS) are doing compared to the Hang Seng Index (HSI), compared to the Hong Kong Blue Chips and the Dogs of the Hang Seng.

The latter, like the Dogs of the Dow, are the 10 stocks of the Blue Chips, that yield the highest at the given date (June 30, 2019 in this case)

Of all the Dividend Growth Stocks (DGS), we took the 10 with the highest yield at the given date (June 30, 2019) and named them Dividend Growth Cats.

So yes, you are comparing cats and dogs here.

Meet the Cats of the Hang Seng: (Light Blue line)

TickerCompany30-Jun15-Octnumber of stocksInitial InvestmentCurrent value
HKG:6033Telecom DigiHK$0.2408.33%2.882.893472.222221000010,034.720.35%
HKG:3315Gold Pac GroupHK$0.1407.33%1.911.885235.60209100009,842.93-1.57%
HKG:1127LION ROCK GROUPHK$0.1007.30%1.371.237299.27007100008,978.10-10.22%
HKG:3828MING FAI INTHK$0.0707.14%0.980.8210204.0816100008,367.35-16.33%
HKG:0086Sun Hung Kai & Co. Ltd.HK$0.2607.12%3.653.382739.72603100009,260.27-7.40%
HKG:1050KARRIE INT’LHK$0.0807.08%1.131.048849.55752100009,203.54-7.96%
HKG:0551YUE YUEN INDHK$1.5007.01%21.421.45467.289721000010,023.360.23%
HKG:0034Kowloon Development Co. Ltd.HK$0.7207.00%10.289.3972.762646100009,046.69-9.53%
HKG:0008PCCW Ltd.HK$0.3126.92%4.514.472217.2949100009,911.31-0.89%
HKG:1333CHINA ZHONGWANGHK$0.2706.85%3.943.252538.07107100008,248.73-17.51%


Say hello to the Dogs of the Hang Seng (Yellow line)

TickerCompany30-Jun15-Octnumber of stocksInitial InvestmentCurrent value
HKG:0386SINOPEC CORP0.49169.26%5.314.661883.239100008,775.89-12.24%
HKG:3988BANK OF CHINA0.21686.57%3.33.153030.303100009,545.45-4.55%
HKG:1088CHINA SHENHUA1.03696.34%16.3616.02611.2469100009,792.18-2.08%
HKG:0005HSBC HOLDINGS3.99836.17%64.859.95154.321100009,251.54-7.48%
HKG:1928SANDS CHINA LTD1.995.33%37.3536.55267.7376100009,785.81-2.14%
HKG:0006POWER ASSETS2.84.98%56.254.4177.9359100009,679.72-3.20%



Dogs and Cats are up and chasing each other:

  • -6.61% for the Dogs of the Hang Seng.
  • -7.08% for the Cats of the Hang Seng.
  • -7.15% for the HSI


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