Upcoming Ex-Dividend dates in Hong Kong
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Upcoming Ex-Dividend dates in Hong Kong

Upcoming Ex-Dividend dates in Hong Kong for Dividend Growth stocks.

The following Dividend Growth Companies and Blue Chip Companies have an Ex-Date coming up:
Yield is calculated with total dividends of the latest book-year.

Tickers Name Ex date Latest Div Announced
HKG:0012 HENDERSON LAND 5-Jun-24 HK$ 1.30
HKG:0631 Sany Int’l 5-Jun-24 HKD 0.19
HKG:0762 China Unicom 5-Jun-24 RMB 0.1336
HKG:0829 Shenguan Winshare 5-Jun-24 HK$ 0.20
HKG:2688 Enn Energy 5-Jun-24 HK$2.31
HKG:0003 HK & China Gas 6-Jun-24 HK$ 0.23
HKG:0941 China Mobile 6-Jun-24 HK$ 2.40
HKG:2318 Ping An 7-Jun-24 RMB 1.50
HKG:0392 BEIJING ENT 11-Jun-24 HK$ 0.67
HKG:1177 Sino Biopharm 11-Jun-24 HK$ 0.03
HKG:1681 Consun Pharm 11-Jun-24 0.60
HKG:0777 NetDragon 12-Jun-24 0.40
HKG:0934 SINOPEC KANTONS 12-Jun-24 HK$ 0.15
HKG:1109 China Resources Land 12-Jun-24 RMB 0.198
HKG:1448 FuShouYuan 12-Jun-24 HK$ 0.0686
HKG:1665 Pentamaster 12-Jun-24 HK$ 0.02
HKG:0358 JiangXi Copper 13-Jun-24 RMB 0.06
HKG:0455 Tianda Pharma 13-Jun-24 HK$ 0.002
HKG:0819 Tianneng 13-Jun-24 HK$ 0.40
HKG:0173 K. WAH INT’L 17-Jun-24 HK$ 0.09
HKG:1099 SINOPHARM 17-Jun-24 RMB 0.87
HKG:2331 Li Ning 17-Jun-24 RMB 0.1854
HKG:0142 First Pacific Co. Ltd. 18-Jun-24 HK$ 0.115
HKG:0506 China Food 18-Jun-24 HK$ 0.1646
HKG:0034 Kowloon Development Co. Ltd. 20-Jun-24 0.57
HKG:0267 Citic LTD 20-Jun-24 RMB 0.335
HKG:3988 Bank of China 22-Jun-24 RMB 0.2364
HKG:2669 China Overseas Property Holdings Ltd. 24-Jun-24 HK$ 0.085
HKG:0096 Yusei 26-Jun-24 RMB 0.013
HKG:0270 GUANGDONG INV 26-Jun-24 HK$ 0.1233
HKG:0552 China Communication Services 28-Jun-24 RMB 0.2174
HKG:3328 Bank of Communications 2-Jul-24 RMB 0.357
HKG:0939 China Construction Bank Corporation 4-Jul-24 RMB 0.4
HKG:3968 China Merchants Bank 5-Jul-24 RMB 1.972
HKG:3360 FE Horizon  6-Jul-24 HK$ 0.50
HKG:0390 China Railway 1-Aug-24 RMB 0.21

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