Link REIT  HKG:0823 – Hong Kong Blue Chip stock
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Link REIT HKG:0823 – Hong Kong Blue Chip stock

Blue Chip Stock Link REIT HKG:0823 Link Real Estate Investment (HKG:823) is a Hong Kong Blue Chip company that shows they care for their stockholders. Consistent dividend growth and good overall numbers, make this an examplary stock to hold. Looking at price-to-book ratio this might be a jewel.

Updated: February 28, 2024

Ex Dividend: N/A

Quick glance,

  • Price-to-earnings (P/E ratio): -58.86
  • Price-to-Book ratio : 0.55 preferably <1 although some value investors like it till <3
  • Earnings per Share (EPS): -0.66
  • BETA: 0.69

A Beta greater than 1.0 might indicate that the stock is more volatile than the market. A Beta less than 1.0 indicates a stock with lower volatility.

The Hong Kong Blue Chips are an inspiring bunch of stocks that define Hong Kong’s  finest companies.

Champion members, please go to the members area and see the Blue Chip file that specifies undervalued stocks. There is one other file of companies that are Blue Chip Value companies AND have a dividend growth strategy in place. Those files make it easier for you and your financial team to sort out your next opportunity.

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