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Dividend growth investing success stories from people all over the world.


There should be a cheesy quote about big journeys start with the first step.  You are smart, you understand that when you start or when you face a fork in the road, you just need some clear examples of what is the way ahead and just keep going.


So here a few people who put their minds, hands and money at work.

Dividend Diplomats
Lanny & Bert. Lanny is well on his way of making $10.000 of dividend income this year. He did this in as little as 8 years!

Robert at Dividend Dynasty

Dividend Dozer is a force to be reckoned with too!

Master Jason Fieber, from below broke in early 2010 to financially independent in early 2016 !

Here is a family of 4 doing it!

In Canada things are happening too. there is the famous Mr Bob from Vancouver.  And look what Matthew did in 12 years

Retire by 40 is doing a great job too.

Dividend hawk is on it since 2010 and reporting a portfolio that yields almost 5% now

Here is also a master, and fun guy, Mr. Tako.  He is doing very well with over $50.000 on dividend income this year already!

From Belgium: Have a slice of Dividend Cake. They are managing 4 portfolios!

Germany, also doing some heavy lifting: Jung in Rente

Oh, let’s not forget Pollie in the Netherlands, He is the inventor of the Pollie-code on how to make best educated decisions in picking dividend growth stocks.

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