About Hong Kong Dividend Stocks (HKSD)

Hi you,

I’m Petra. I’m an entrepreneur and lived for 14 year in China, Guangzhou. My company works with Chinese manufacturers, making stuff other people want. I like that, making good products.

I traveled a lot over China and Hong Kong. Still am, although my base is currently in Cambodia and now I also welcome guests in my B&B. I am still looking in factories because I’m close to obsessed on finding out how nice things are made.

An other obsession is dividend growth investing, especially in stocks that are listed on the Hong Kong Exchange.

For US listed dividend stocks there are plenty of lists out there that can result in well researched investment opportunities. For the Hong Kong index, I’ve found no list of that kind, none, zero, zip.

If it is not there, I will make it.

In my spare time, I scanĀ  stocks, make a list of dividend payouts and see if there is a likeliness that the companies will be paying more in the next couple of years. And yes it takes time, a lot of time, but I hate losing money. Probably you do too.
In a geeky kind of way, I like analyzing data. Especially if it leads to making well informed decisions.

I’m posting my finding here, so you can become a better informed investor.

This is not about me and my portfolio. This is about Hong Kong Dividend Stocks that appear to be nice dividend growth investing opportunities.

So here we are, if you have questions, contact me here or follow me on Twitter @HKdividend




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