HKG:3383 Agile Group
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HKG:3383 Agile Group

HKG:3383 Agile Group operates in the field of Property Development. In its 28 years of development, Agile has evolved into a conglomerate with eight major businesses including Property, A-Living, Environment Protection, Agile City, P&M, Capital, Commercial and Urban Renewal, with total assets over RMB 300 billion by 30 June 2020. Agile has established presence in over 200 cities home and abroad with over 59,000 staff members.

HKG:3383 Agile Group

Last update: 10-Jul-22

Quick overview:

  • Yield: 38.06%
  • Lot: 2000
  • Price/Earnings ratio : 1.44 (Ideal <20 )
  • Earnings per share : 2.010 (Ideal >0.001)
  • Price as per 10-Jul-22 : HK$2.89
  • Ex-Dividend Date coming up:  N/A

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