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The first directory of Hong Kong dividend growth stocks

03883.HK China Aoyuan

03883.HK China Aoyuan A brand new 2019 Challenger. Look at that chart, a beauty.

03613.HK Tong Ren Tang

03613.HK Tong Ren Tang A brand new 2019 Challenger. Look at that chart, a beauty.

03315.HK Gold Pac Group

03315.HK Gold Pac Group 2019 New Challenger. EPS growth rate looks promising


02283.HK TK GROUP HLD 2018 New Challenger. This stat looks like textbook dividend raises!

Swire Properties dividend challenger in Hong Kong


01972.HK SWIREPROPERTIES The net profit growth over 2018 was negative. EPS decreased accordingly. And yet a dividend increase of 9% !!

Citic telecom dividend champion hong kong hsi


01883.HK CITIC TELECOM A beautiful score this stock has. Maybe the dividend payout ratio is a bit too high, but average 5 year dividend growth of 10% makes that just al right to oversee this.

01316.HK Nexteer

01316.HK Nexteer 0

01299.HK AIA Group Ltd.

01299.HK AIA Group Ltd. Although the yield is low with this price, the growth rate is exponential. If this is continued the 10 to 10 is within reach.

01233.HK Times China

01233.HK Times China This stock just looks to good to be true. The dividend cut in 2011 got

beautiful charts on dividend stocks. Hong kong, hang seng index


01212.HK LIFESTYLE INT’L A brand new contedner, 10 years of no dividend decrease! And an attractive high yield to show for it

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