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The first directory of Hong Kong dividend growth stocks

Swire Properties dividend challenger in Hong Kong


01972.HK SWIREPROPERTIES Swire Properties 1972.HK had a tough 2019. Net profit went down over 50%. EPS decreased accordingly. And yet a dividend increase of 4% !!

01918.HK Sunac

01918.HK Sunac Sunac (1918.HK) pays their dividend in RMB. The company is a newly minted Dividend Challenger with a good payout ratio and EPS growth rate.

Dividend Aristocrat of Hong KO=ong!


01883.HK CITIC TELECOM Citic Telecom 1883.HK gave a final dividend raise of 11%. A beautiful score this stock has. Maybe the dividend payout ratio is a bit too high, but average 5 year dividend growth of 10% makes that just al right to oversee this.

01628.HK YuZhou Properties

01628.HK YuZhou Properties Interesting high yield for Yuzhou Properties (1628.HK)

01681.HK Consun Pharm

01681.HK Consun Pharm Consun Pharm (1681.HK) a Newly minted Dividend Challenger. But with a payout ratio that is too high and a 5year EPS growth ratio in the negative… doubtful.


01373.HK IH RETAIL This Challenger, IH Retail raised their latest dividend with 17%. Is comes at a cost that increases the Dividend payout ratio..

01448.HK FuShouYuan

01448.HK FuShouYuan Fu Shou Yuan a new Dividend Growth Challenger. Delightful payout patio. Yield could be better.


01339.HK PICC GROUP A brand new Challenger. Explosive dividend growth.

High yield dividend growth stocks on the Hong Kong exchange

01316.HK Nexteer

01316.HK Nexteer For Nexteer (1316.HK) the yield seems okay. The dividend growth rate is exponential. If this is continued the 10 to 10 is within reach.

Dividend investing aristocrats

01336.HK NCI

01336.HK NCI A Challenger on the Hong kong stock market who is raising it’s dividend at a steady pace.

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