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The first directory of Hong Kong dividend growth stocks

Hong Kong stocks with high dividends


00029.HK DYNAMIC HOLD Definitely not a company that falls under ‘Hong Kong stocks whtih high dividends”. The 9 year chalenger is on a steady course of becoming a Dividend Contender next year.

Hong Kong Dividend growth stocks New world development chart

00017.HK New World Development Co. Ltd.

00017.HK New World Development Co. Ltd. New World Development 0017.HK a Challenger on its way to become a Contender. The average dividend growth is slow but steady.

Hong kong dividend contender and maybe a champion.


00020.HK WHEELOCK Wheelock 0020.HK, a Contender with grace. Most fascinating is the dividend coverage ratio. Hysan dividend growth Hong Kong HSI

00014.HK Hysan Development Co. Ltd.

00014.HK Hysan Development Co. Ltd. Hysan 0014.HK is a worthy Contender. Even when the going got tough they honored their dividend payments the keep the growth as you can see in their chart.

HK dividend stocks, investing

00016.HK Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd.

00016.HK Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd. Sun Hung Kai 0016.HK did not decrease it’s dividend since 2001. A strong dividend coverage ratio can be a sign they have no plans or reason to do that in the near future.

Hang Seng Bank Hong Kong dividend stock

00011.HK Hang Seng Bank Ltd.

00011.HK Hang Seng Bank Ltd. Hang Seng Bank 0011.HK is heading to become a Hong Kong dividend Contender. Since 2010 a comforting increase on dividend. Almost 12% dividend increase over 2018! Quarterly payouts, if that is your flavour.

Dividend kings Hong kong stock market


00012.HK HENDERSON LAND Henderson Land appears a strong dividend growth company on the Hong Kong stock exchange. They are expected to become a dividend Contender within 2 years.

hong kong dividend growth stocks 2019


00006.HK POWER ASSETS For this contender Power Assets, there was a special dividend in 2017 and 2016. This did not go into the above chart. Special dividend are a bonus.


00008.HK PCCW Ltd.

00008.HK PCCW Ltd. This year this company became a Contender!! You can almost feel the love this company has for it’s dividend investors. A comforting growth in dividend since 2009. A bit too well-done on the Dividend pay out ratio already for 3 years.

Hong Kong Dividend growth Contender

00002.HK CLP Holdings Ltd.

00002.HK CLP Holdings Ltd. A dividend contender by heart and soul. Not 1 dividend decrease ever. Dividend has been on a steady pace, whinch implicates that the stock grows along side it.

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