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The first directory of Hong Kong dividend growth stocks

Hong Kong Ferry dividend growth chart


00050.HK HK FERRY Although the average growth figures in dividend are a bit dissapointing, the steady course of this company is remarkable.

Hong Kong dividend chart Cross-harbour


00032.HK CROSS-HAR(HOLD) An interesting Contender. For 10 years no dividend decrease, and if it weren’t for a cut in 2007 it could have been a Champion!

Hong Kong dividend growth stock Wheelock


00020.HK WHEELOCK A contender with grace. So smooth whispering in your ear. But we have to look at the facts. Price and dividend numbers are key.

Hong Kong Dividned growth chart 016 Sun Hung Kai

00016.HK Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd.

00016.HK Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd. There is something about contenders that makes them coming in strong. The 5 year average growth is impressive. The last dividend cut-back was in 2001, almost last century.

Hong kong high yield stocks

00014.HK Hysan Development Co. Ltd.

00014.HK Hysan Development Co. Ltd. With a 5 year average dividend growth of over 7% this is a sure contender in the heavy weight division.

Dividend Growth chart for PCCW Hong Kong

00008.HK PCCW Ltd.

00008.HK PCCW Ltd. One more year to go and this is a Contender! You can almost feel the love this company has for it’s dividend investors. A comforting growth in dividend since 2009. Maybe a bit too well-done on the Dividend pay out ratio, though.

Dividend Growth chart of Power Assets Hong KOng



Dividend Chart CPL holdings. Hong Kong

00002.HK CLP Holdings Ltd.

00002.HK CLP Holdings Ltd. One of the oldest stocks on the block. Dividend growth for 17 years, impressive.

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