00194.HK Liu Chong Hing

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00194.HK Liu Chong Hing

On March 5 2020, with the announcement of the final dividend of HK$ 0.38 Liu Chong Hing ordered a dividend decrease. This got the company off the Directory of stocks that increase their dividends.

If we do a ‘post mortem’. We can read in the Financial report of the year ending 2019, that a 57% decrease of profit might be the decision maker. The company holds monumental retail buildings in Hong Kong. With the protests of 2019 and 2020 the Corona virus it is clear that times are unprecedented for Liu Chong Hing.

Was is a fair thing to cut the dividends? Do they expect 2020 to be in the red? Or is this panic? It just looks weird to see the relationship with shareholders being rewarded year after year and then being cut off like this.

This said, the details on this post will not be updated anymore. The beautiful picture holding a 5 year average dividend growth of 20% will remain as a kind reminder.

00194.HK Liu Chong Hing

Last update: 29-Feb-20 (no longer a Dividend Growth Company)

  • Yield: 7.56%
  • Price/earnings ratio : 3.86 (Ideal <20 )
  • Earnings per share : 2.400 (Ideal >0.001)
  • Price as per 29-Feb-20 : HK$9.26

Sector: Property Investment


Dividend related metrics

  1. Dividend since : 2002
  2. Dividend growth since : 2013
  3. No of years Dividend Growth: 6
  4. That makes this company a Challenger
  5. Payouts/year: 2
  6. Payout in the following months : 6, 9.
  7. Ex-date : N/A
  8. Latest dividend announcement: HK$0.22
  9. Dividend 5 yr average: 4.68%


Company Performance

  1. Price/earnings ratio : 3.86 (Ideal <20 )
  2. Earnings per share : 2.400 (Ideal >0.001)
  3. Dividend payout : 26.12% (Ideal <50%)
  4. Dividend Coverage ratio: 3.429
  5. EPS 5 year growth rate : 30.41
  6. Return on Equity: 8.220


Dividend Growth related Metrics

  1. Average dividend growth 1 year : 16.67%
  2. Average dividend growth 3 years : 18.74%
  3. Average dividend growth 5 years : 20.82% (Ideal >5%)
  4. Average dividend growth 10 years :17.63%
  5. 10% on costs in how many years: 2


Price related metrics

  1. Price as per 29-Feb-20 : HK$9.26
  2. 52 Week low : 9.23
  3. 52 week high : 14.00
  4. Price to 52 Week Low: 0.33%
  5. Price to 52 week high: -33.86%
  1. Chowder rule (Yield + 5 yrs average dividend growth) : 28.38%

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