HKG:1030 Seazen Group
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HKG:1030 Seazen Group

HKG:1030 Seazen Group operates in the field of Property Development. Seazen Group Limited, formerly Future Land Development Holdings Limited, is principally engaged in the development, investment, management and sales of properties. The Company operates through two business segments. The A Share Company segment is mainly engaged in the development of residential properties and mixed-use complexes for sale and investment. The Non-A Share Companies segment is mainly engaged in the management of properties and provision of other services, including certain newly established businesses which are at state-up stage. The Company is also involved in the provision of construction design and consulting services, department store management services, as well as the investment and property marketing research services through its subsidiaries.

HKG:1030 Seazen Group

Last update: 17-Jun-22

Quick overview:

  • Yield: 14.78%
  • Lot: 2000
  • Price/Earnings ratio : 2 (Ideal <20 )
  • Earnings per share : 1.710 (Ideal >0.001)
  • Price as per 17-Jun-22 : HK$3.30
  • Ex-Dividend Date coming up:  N/A

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