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HKG:1310 HKBN How do they make money? A- provision of fixed telecommunications network services, international telecommunications services and mobile services to residential and enterprise customers in Hong Kong. B- system integration services. C- product sales and D- marketing and distribution of computer hardware and software, telecommunication products, office automation products and the provision of related services.

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HKG:3383 Agile Group

HKG:3383 Agile Group In its 28 years of development, Agile has evolved into a conglomerate with eight major businesses including Property, A-Living, Environment Protection, Agile City, P&M, Capital, Commercial and Urban Renewal, with total assets over RMB 300 billion by 30 June 2020. Agile has established presence in over 200 cities home and abroad with over 59,000 staff members.

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HKG:1918 Sunac

HKG:1918 Sunac is principally engaged in the sales of properties in the People’s Republic of China (the PRC). The Holding operates its business through two segments: Property Development and Property Management and Others. The Company’s subsidiaries include Sunac Real Estate Investment Holdings Ltd., Qiwei Real Estate Investment Holdings Ltd. and Yingzi Real Estate Investment Holdings Ltd.

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HKG:1813 KWG Group

HKG:1813 KWG Group KWG Group Holdings Limited (1813.HK) , formerly KWG Property Holding Limited, is an investment holding company mainly engaged in property development. The Group operates its business through four segments. 1- The Property Development segment is engaged in the sale of properties. 2- The Property Investment segment is engaged in the leasing of properties. 3-The Hotel operation segment is engaged in the operation of hotels. 4- The Property Management segment is engaged in the provision of property management services. The Group’s subsidiaries include Guangzhou Hejing Real Estate Development Limited, Guangzhou Hejing Meifu Real Estate Development Limited and Guangzhou Hejing Yingfu Real Estate Development Limited.

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HKG:1628 YuZhou Properties

HKG:1628 YuZhou Properties Yield looks to good to be true? That is because it is. Over 20% and it’s based on price divided by dividends HK$0.335 book year 2020. Interim 2021 dividends were decreased by 55%. This makes chances of a dividend raise at the end of 2021 pretty slim. The Dividend Chart looks good: 9 years of sunny-side-up. There is trouble in paradise here. Payout ratio is over 100% A P/E of over 100 is unique and not in a good way.

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