210304 HKG:1883 Citic Telecom Results
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210304 HKG:1883 Citic Telecom Results

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HKG:1883 Citic Telecom results announced for the year ending on December 2020. Net profit amounted to HK$1.023 billion, up 2.1% yearly. EPS equaled HK27.9 cents. Final DPS was HK16 cents, as compared with HK15 cents a year ago. Source: AAstocks

A yield of 7% is not too shabby. If combined with a 11% 5-yr average Dividend Growth rate might just result in 10% Yield on Cost withing 3 years.

Dividend payout Ratio and coverage ratio are less positive at this time.

Value indicators are center center, no good no bad news.


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